2020 stats show institutional holding of Bitcoin exceeding 1.1 Million amounting to US$ 30 Billion approximately. MicroStrategy happens to the custodian of the biggest chunk of Bitcoins. About 29 multi-billion dollar companies are now holding Bitcoins like they were stacking cash or stocks.

The newest trend seen in 2020 for crypto industry was Bitcoin’s bulk purchases by multi-billion dollar institutions/companies. The largest portion of Bitcoin investment came from MicroStrategy who made approximately three investments in 2020 alone. It was reported that MicroStrategy’sBitcoin holding had surpassed 70,470 number of Bitcoins which exceeded amount of US$ 1.6 Billion approximately. In terms of holding biggest chunk of Bitcoins in 2020, MicroStrategy easily ranked the top amongst its allies and competitors.

2020 stats for Bitcoin showed that about 1.1 Million Bitcoins were purchased by institutions alone. This amounted to US$ 30 Billion approximately and had been the highest investment recorded in a year in Bitcoin’s history. It is said that 29 biggest companies of the world had been stacking Bitcoins as if they were holding cash or stocks.

The data also revealed that most of these companies preferred Bitcoin over other known assets. The earliest 2020 Bitcoin investment came from MicroStrategy and thereafter companies such as Ruffer Investment and Square Inc. too joined the raid.

Meanwhile, bitcointreasuries.org, confirmed that till date 15 listed companies had been enlisted in the chart of Bitcoin investors. In this list MicroStrategy had been put on number one place. The chart also included giant companies like Galaxy Digital, Voyager Digital, Square Inc., Riot Blockchain, Hut 8 Mining etc. About 100,003 number of Bitcoins had been reported to be held between and amongst these 15 companies alone.

Similarly, from the private sector, there were a few prominent companies which made it to the Bitcoin’s investor chart. These private companies included Mtgox, Tezos Foundation, Block.one and Stone Ridge Holdings Group. However, within these four companies, the number of Bitcoin available had exceeded the quantity held by 15 listed companies. According to data, these private companies had been holding an aggregate of 317,383 Bitcoins.

Apart from public and private sectors, there were other companies such as exchange-traded fund (ETF) who invested wholeheartedly. At the top of these companies were none other than Grayscale Bitcoin Fund. (Grayscale had been enjoying the privilege of managing the biggest Bitcoin fund in the world. As of today Bitcoins under Grayscale’s management had gone past 572,644). After Grayscale other prominent ETF-companies were Ruffer Investment, 3iq The Bitcoin Fund, Coinshare, Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund, and four others.

Approximately 734,232 Bitcoins had been stashed in between these 9 ETF-companies.

It is said that Bitcoin would enter 2021 riding the same Bull-Run and further investments from institutional quarters is expected. Most recently Mogo, a listed company, had announced that it will soon be investing 1.5% of the amount equivalent to its reserves’ value.


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