As per the latest reports, the Ministry of Industries, Mining, and Trade has made a huge announcement for the cryptocurrency mining sector in the country. The particular regulatory authority has announced that it has issued several licenses to the cryptocurrency mining centers.

With the issuance of the licenses, the cryptocurrency mining centers in the country would be able to carry out their mining operations without any worries. The sources reveal that there are a total of 30 cryptocurrency mining centers that have received the approval (license) to operate in the country.

This information has been collected and provided by the Financial Tribune of Iran last Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

If someone wants to look at the details of the licenses distributed by the regulator, then the data from the particular ministry’s website can be viewed. The Iranian ministry has even shared the stats of the licenses through its website for public visibility and full transparency.

On the website, the ministry has also shared the name of the province that has received the most amount of licenses for cryptocurrency mining activities. The website confirms that it is the Province of Semnan in Iran that has received the most amount of licenses for cryptocurrency mining.

Out of the total 30 approvals, six mining licenses have been issued in the Semnan Province. These mining farms along with the rest of the mining farms are now authorized for carrying out their operations in Iran.

After the Semnan Province, it was the Alborz Province that has managed to secure four licenses for the mining of cryptocurrencies. Then the province to trail Alborz Province is the Mazandaran, then it is East Azarbaijan, and then at the last, it is the Zanjan Province.

The province with the least amount of license approvals for the mining of cryptocurrencies is Tehran. Tehran is also the capital of the entire country of Iran and surprisingly, it has received the least amount of licenses from the regulatory authority.

Furthermore, establishment permits were also issued by the ministry. These permits were given for the establishment of the cryptocurrency mining units for the industrial sector.

The reports confirm that these permits were distributed all over the country. The website also provides the segregated details around the distribution of the permits. The website shows that 247 permits were secured by West Azerbaijan, 262 permits were secured by Fars Province, and 305 permits were secured by Zanjan Province.

As the Iranian Government and authorities continue their crackdown over the illegal cryptocurrency mining firms in the country, they are tightening their grip around the crypto-sector as well.

The regulatory authorities have made it mandatory/compulsory for the cryptocurrency mining centers to acquire a license from authorities before they can launch their mining services in the country.


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