Since Bitcoin (BTC) started demonstrating a market price since the launch of the first crypto-exchange in 2012, it has started making wonders. Since its launch, Bitcoin (BTC) has faced tremendous resistance and opposition from the traditional financial markets.

The institutional markets constantly took Bitcoin (BTC) as a bad and negative financial asset, with the potential to overthrow the traditional financial system.

Therefore, Bitcoin (BTC) had to survive under the shadow of a lot of challenges and difficulties. Still, Bitcoin (BTC) continued to grow and soon enough, it landed in the thousand figure. At this point, even the people who opposed the idea of not liking Bitcoin (BTC), started taking interest in it.

The people who once opposed and disliked Bitcoin (BTC) had started boarding the pro-train for Bitcoin (BTC). It is a fact about human nature for criticizing something until it reaches the level where it starts meeting the needs of people.

At that point, people start investing in such assets in order to gain from them, even though they do not want to change their views about it.

One such personality is from Russia who is currently a member of State Duma from Russia. The name of the personality is Anatoly Aksakov, who has shared his views about Bitcoin (BTC) and what he desired to do about it.

At present, Aksakov is the representative and spokesperson for the legislation process of cryptocurrencies in the country. Akaskov has recently revealed to the entire world that he has never owned a single cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin (BTC).

Aksakov confirmed that there was never any Bitcoin (BTC) in his possession and nor they ever will be. He stated that he did want to get his hands on cryptocurrencies before the government went ahead and banned them for the government officials.

He stated that although he was not into Bitcoin (BTC) in the beginning, its price had started making it an attractive asset for him. Therefore, he decided to go for it and wanted to buy some Bitcoin (BTC).

Unfortunately, it took him a while to consider and come to the conclusion of finally going ahead and purchasing Bitcoin (BTC). By that time, Bitcoin (BTC) had already demonstrated a huge surge in terms of its price and demand. It went completely out of his reach so he could not spend anything in Bitcoin (BTC).

Aksakov stated that he would have made the investment in Bitcoin (BTC) if it had cost somewhere around 100 rubles. However, as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) continued growing, it soon went out of his reach and he could no longer afford it.

From the legislative point of view, Aksakov stated that the option of investing in Bitcoin (BTC) should be available for qualified investors. The major reason behind this is because Bitcoin (BTC) is still very volatile and for unqualified investors, it would be nothing more than a bargain filled with impatience and loss.


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