According to George Ball, it would be one of the smartest moves from the investors if they consider investing in cryptocurrencies. While talking about investing in cryptocurrencies, Ball clarified that it is not a large investment that the investors must make. However, there would be no harm if the investors do invest a small portion of their portfolios and acquire some cryptocurrencies.

Those who have been following cryptocurrencies for a while and have been paying some attention to George Ball would know exactly what has happened. George Ball is considered to be a veteran when it comes to the Financial Industries.

George Ball is one of the top financial industry giants who have always been on the other side of the digital assets sector. Ball was one of the strongest and most criticizing opponents of cryptocurrencies.

However, now it seems that Ball has had a change of heart just like many other businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs who once opposed the idea of having cryptocurrencies onboard.

With his recent statement around the investments in cryptocurrencies, Ball has demonstrated how he is perceiving the cryptocurrency industry at present.

George Ball had the opportunity to share his latest and changed views around cryptocurrencies during an interview conducted by Yahoo Finance. In the interview, Ball spoke at lengths about the cryptocurrencies and specifically talked about the potential of Bitcoin (BTC).

Ball stated that although he once opposed Bitcoin (BTC), but he has started realizing the importance it holds among the investors. He stated that the digital asset “Bitcoin”, has turned out to be one of the most attractive securities and hedge funds in the current era.

He also added that the investors are spending heavily on Bitcoin (BTC) that is eventually going to add to the debasement of currency (USD). While talking about Bitcoin (BTC), Ball also talked about the recent stimulus checks that have been approved/granted by the Congressional lawmakers in the United States.

As a result, each citizen of the United States would be eligible for receiving a $1,400 stimulus check from the United State government. According to the reports, the Congressional lawmakers have approved a total of $1.9 trillion for the distribution of the stimulus checks.

The purpose of the stimulus checks of $1,400 per check is to consolidate and support the US citizens that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These checks are to help the citizens in having a good start in the year 2021 and make a few things right to get back on track.

In a period of two years, George Ball is not the only crypto-opponent turned pro. Before Ball, one of the most prominent opponents turned pro to the cryptocurrency industry was Michael J. Saylor who is the founder of MicroStrategy.


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