According to the latest reports, Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange has made a thrilling announcement for its users. The exchange has announced that it is in the process of introducing a new product for its cryptocurrency traders.

The exchange has revealed that its users will soon have access to a cryptocurrency trading application, available through mobile phones. The exchange has confirmed that it will be rolling out the new application very soon.

BSDEX is run by the same team that operates a major exchange dealing with public stock. The particular public stock exchange currently operates in Stuttgart.

The Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange reportedly adheres to all the regulatory policies and requirements put in place under the German Banking Act. The exchange has made its name in the German cryptocurrency industry as the pioneering exchange.

It is a pioneer in bringing mainstream adoption and exposure to the cryptocurrency industry in Germany. The exchange has played a key role in bringing mainstream adoption to the cryptocurrency industry in Germany.

Prior to the new mobile phone application, the cryptocurrency and mainstream investors had access to a different application through BSDEX. The first cryptocurrency trading application was launched by BSDEX back in 2019 and it was called Bison.

The Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange has announced the launch of a new mobile application on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. In the announcement, BSDEX has revealed the names of the cryptocurrencies that the investors will be able to trade.

As of now, BSDEX has enlisted a total of four cryptocurrencies on its application that the users will be able to trade in. The names of the enlisted cryptocurrencies include Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

The Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange has claimed that at present, it has a total of 20,000 users using the platform. The operator of the exchange is reportedly Baden-Wuettembergische Wertpapierbose GmbH.

It is the same operator that is responsible for running the public stock exchange of Stuttgart. The exchange is fully regulated and has three liquidity providers who are the institutional participants on the exchange. The name of the participants includes Crypto Broker AG, Bankhaus Scheich, and EUWAX AG.

When it comes to the arrangements of custodies, the Blocknox GmbH utilizes the bonding system in order to manage BSDEX customer assets’ custodies. In terms of fees, the charges are different based on orders, which can vary in nature.

The CEO of DSDEX GmbH (Maximilian von Wallenberg), the technical operator of BSDEX has talked about the development and launch of the mobile application for cryptocurrency trading.

Wallenberg stated that with the passage of time, people are getting used to smartphones and the usage of desktops and laptops is getting old. Therefore, it was one of the reasons why they made the shift so they do not end up falling behind in this race.


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