With every passing minute, the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand just like the universe. An industry brought into existence with the launch of just one cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) now has more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies.

On top of that, the industry has introduced several products that have their own worth and reputation in the cryptocurrency market. At present, one of the most influential, highly adopted, and most reliable products offered by crypto-verse is the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector.

The industry is constantly gaining ground and recognition in the mainstream sector and is offering new products to the community. Now the industry is taking yet another leap and achieving a new milestone in the industry.

As per the latest reports, a firm going by the name ZCore Finance is launching its credit cards for the decentralized finance sector. The reports suggest that the new credit cards offered by ZCore Finance will be linked with the project that is for decentralized finance (DeFi) farming.

It would be for the first time that a credit card is being introduced in a particular farming space. The best thing about the project is that the users will not be required to perform any pre-funding. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency to fiat currency mechanism will be fast. The transactions processed through the credit card would be instant and extremely convenient for the users.

According to sources, the ZCore Finance Card was initially launched in the Brazilian market. After gaining an enormous amount of success and recognition, the product is set to be launched in different regions. The teams working on the project have revealed that their plan is to roll out the new cards over the world.

The teams responsible for the expansion of the products globally have confirmed that their aim is to do it by the third quarter of 2021.

Once the ZCore Finance cards have been released, the users will be able to farm ZEFI tokens or they can purchase them through the platform. Once acquired, the users can transfer these funds over to the ZCore Finance Card without having to pay any additional charges.

On top of that, if users are interested to stake their tokens, they can do it with several other trading pairs available through Binance Smart Chain.

The best feature about the Finance Cards is that the users can even add tokens other than ZEFI. At present, the major third-party tokens they can recharge their cards with include ZCore token, Wrapped ZCore, Binance USD, and Binance Coin.

However, for any third-party token deposits, the users would have to incur a 4% depositing fee. The users can use the ZCore Finance Cards to make purchases at local merchants just like other cards supported by MasterCard and Visa.


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