As per the recent reports, the platform had a post published on it by an author on February 22, 2021. In the post, the publisher stated that he had found an old Twitter profile that might have belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto.

When it comes to anonymous personalities in the cryptocurrency industry, there is no one who can match the level of mystery that Satoshi Nakamoto has. Nakamoto is the reason behind the launch of the cryptocurrency industry. He is the founder and developer of the largest cryptocurrency in the world Bitcoin (BTC).

Satoshi Nakamoto itself is not the original name as it is just an online alias that was used by the Bitcoin founder to hide his identity. Ever since there are many people on the cryptocurrency platform that have been busy trying to find the true identity of the Bitcoin (BTC) founder.

The people are not only trying to find his identity but also trying to find the Bitcoin (BTC) stash that many cryptocurrency analysts claim belonged to Nakamoto and he hid in the network.

This time, however, people have moved away from the cryptocurrency platform. They have expanded the jurisdiction in which they are carrying out their search for the Bitcoin (BTC) founder and his stash.

One of the researchers has done exactly the same and is believed to have found a Twitter profile that was once used by Satoshi Nakamoto. The researcher has discovered that the particular profile that was supposedly used by Nakamoto had the username “Goldlover”.

The researcher has revealed that he also found several coincidences and similarities between the Twitter account and the Bitcoin founder’s account.

The name of the author/researcher is Varun who has carried out his research on Nakamoto and shared his findings with the crypto-twitter community.

The researcher has also run many analyses in order to find out whether the Twitter profile owner and Bitcoin founder are the same persons or not. Varun stated that it was just pure luck when he ended up noticing the Goldlover profile on Twitter and found it a bit catchy.

He stated that when he looked at the Twitter account, he noticed that the account had been very much talkative and interactive for a particular period of time. However, the profile stopped interacting with the followers quite suddenly and has remained dormant since then.

He added that when he tried connecting the dots, he realized that Satoshi Nakamoto had left the social media community for good at the same time.

The user with the profile “Goldlover” account was created by the user back in May of 2008. Right after the account was made, a script was tweeted by the user that talked about gold.

Furthermore, the tweets made by users talked about gold quite often, which Varun stated was a hint towards Bit Gold.


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