Tim Pool, who is also an internet sensation as well as a YouTuber and a journalist, has been predicting recently about the future Bitcoin value and estimates it to be about US$ 1 Million. He also initiated a poll where he is seeking opinions from his almost 1 million reaching followers at Twitter to give their opinions if they think Bitcoin is about to struck the price of US$ 200 K.

Tim Pool’s popularity is obvious at several platforms, in particular, on social media networks and platforms. He is one-man with so many professions. Apart from being an active journalist, he is an internet sensation as well and runs a channel of his own at YouTube. He is also a political commentator and has been hosting shows at his YouTube channel as well. He never runs out of the points and opinions on any given subject of debate. He remained Voice Media’s member in the year 2014 and also availed the chance to be a part of Fusion TV as well. He was also globally appreciated when he did the live coverage of the protests in Wall Street in 2011.

However, now a days, he is more into YouTube and hosting a podcast segment known as “Timcast IRL”. At there, he usually invites debates on politics, government policies on economics and finance. In the last episode of YouTube sessions, he picked up the topic of “buckling supply chain”. He believes that the buckling supply chain is adversely impacting worldwide economies, including the US. His followers are huge because in most of his subjects, he sticks strictly to the objective while reporting and inviting debates. He is admired because of his unbiased content which people believe is lacking in the mainstream media.

He is also very famous amongst crypto community because he is a die-hard fan of Bitcoin, which he had reiterated several times. In the recent times, when Bitcoin broke its all-time high on 20th October, Pool was quick to talk about Bitcoin. He didn’t only talk about Bitcoin but also gave his future price prediction for Bitcoin. He believes that without an iota of doubt Bitcoin is going to be worth about US$ 1 Million.

Pool posted a tweet message in which he suggested that he feels sorry for the people who still cannot understand Bitcoin. He told his followers that he knew a man who had forgotten where he had kept his Bitcoin. Now the person has found them and told Pool that Bitcoins earned him millions of dollars.

Pool emphasized that Bitcoin represents an evolution in the financial technology which would lead Bitcoin in striking US$ 1 Million. He added that the future would very much rely on investment strategies. Only those will excel who embrace the strategy of investment but only the crypto investors would be the billionaires


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