All Time Favorite Atari Surprises Followers by Going Crypto

Now it seems that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is unstoppable. This statement can be backed by the amount of recognition and acceptance this industry has observed since its launch. There was a time when none of the companies wanted to invest in the crypto-industry. Now, the situation is completely different as every big brand is trying to get their hands on this technology.

One of the recent addition to the list of big brands is Atari, one of the oldest and all-time favorite products of interactive entertainment.

On October 1st, 2020, Atari announced that it will be initiating a public sale of their crypto-currency that they have named Atari Token (ATRI). This public sale will be followed by Atari’s crypto-token listing one of the largest bitcoin exchanges. This exchange is known worldwide as Exchange.

In their statement, Atari announced that their goal is to adopt and create an ecosystem, which will be based on the blockchain platform. Once executed, Atari plans to expand their services to as many platforms as possible to gain recognition in the crypto-market.

Atari added that doing so will help them grow their industry in the crypto-world and conquer the video game industry by providing players the opportunity to use their Atari Tokens to make purchases. They further added that the players will be able to use the tokens through their Atari wallets via

Atari has already signed numerous agreements with different platforms to expedite the process of the development of their cryptocurrency. The teams are working tirelessly to initiate their blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem as soon as possible for adoption.

Atari has announced that they will be commencing the sale phase of their Atari Tokens (ATRI) in the month of November 2020. They have also made it clear that the users will not be able to buy these tokens with fiat money. The users who wish to buy these coins would have to use their Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum (ETH) coins.

As of now, Atari seems to have achieved a milestone by taking the first step from the video gaming industry of collaborating with a crypto-based platform.


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