According to the latest reports, 1inch has just announced the launch of its wallet on the iOS software from Apple. 1inch is a prominent decentralized exchange aggregator in the cryptocurrency industry. The announcement around the launch of the iOS wallet was made by 1inch on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

With the launch of the new mobile wallet, Apple users would be able to send or receive cryptocurrencies to each other through their mobile phones. They will no longer have to log in to the 1inch platform through their laptops or desktops to carry out the same activity.

With this new feature, Apple will be able to target one of the largest markets in the tech industry. There are currently more than a billion active Apple smartphones all over the world. Out of a billion, even a fraction of them was not using 1inch due to limitations will now be able to do it from their phones.

This would eventually help 1inch increase its user base, surging its market capitalization as well as its trading volumes.

The best part about the new wallet is that it has all the features one has access to a desktop or other wallets. It will be quite convenient for the users to send and receive digital tokens in an instant. Most importantly, the users will be able to perform the send/receive activities at lower rates.

One of the main and most attractive features about the new wallet is that it also provides users the ability to perform steal transactions through the network supported by Ethereum.

The stealth transactions can easily be defined as even more decentralized transactions in an already decentralized space. This mechanism completely hides the transactions from the third parties so they cannot access them or look inside of them.

Sergej Kunz, the founder at 1inch remarked how the Binance Smart Chain has helped them in expanding their services. He stated that with the help of the new wallet and BSC’s mechanism, the users will be able to benefit a lot. The users will be able to easily switch between Ethereum and BSC protocols. This mechanism would help them find lower fees and fast transaction flows.

Kunz stated that they are currently monitoring the decentralized finance space very closely. They are currently monitoring the products that are doing good in the space as well as the ones not doing so well.

Their aim is to improve the products even more that are making a significant difference in the DeFi space. As for the ones not doing well, their focus is to help the products improve their services and qualities. This way, these products can bring in more users and help the DeFi space grow even further.


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