As per the recent reports, Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd. has announced that it has successfully acquired Lympo. The Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd. revealed that it managed to strike a deal through its subsidiary that is commonly known as Animoca Brands Limited. Animoca Brands Ltd. was able to acquire 100% shares of Latgala OU, which is known throughout the world as Lympo.

Animoca Brands Ltd. also revealed that the total amount it paid to all the shareholders for the acquisition of Lympo was $1.38 million.

Lympo is a company that is based on the blockchain platform. The company is known for developing an application that serves as a guide for healthy routine-life. The purpose of the application is to encourage its users to do exercise every day and keep themselves healthy and strong. Based on the amount of daily exercise, the users are awarded Lympo (LYM) tokens through the application.

One of the best things about the LYM tokens is that the users can sell or exchanges them through cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to exchanging them through the exchanges, the users can also buy sports-related stuff/equipment through Lympo’s own website ‘’.

According to the recent facts and figures, Lympo currently has a total of 300,000 active users using the application. In addition to the user-base, the application has a following of over 75,000 followers through the social media platform. It also confirmed that at present, the majority of its adoption and popularity comes from the South Korean and American regions.

The company also claims to be the first-ever blockchain application that has become partners with Samsung Blockchain for its Wallet. With its collaboration with Samsung’s blockchain-based wallet, it has also paid Lympo back in its own way. Samsung has allowed the Lympo users to store their LYM tokens and make transfers through LYM wallets to Samsung’s without any restrictions.

In addition to the privilege and honor given to Lympo, it was also mentioned as an honorary collaborator of Samsung. Samsung did not shy away from mentioning the company’s name at the Samsung Developer’s Developer Conference that was held in Silicon Valley.

It was then when Samsung announced Lympo as the first blockchain application to have partnered with Samsung in the development process of its blockchain-based wallet.

Back in November 2019, the company ‘Lympo’ also hosted a Healthy Habit Month. One of the most prominent participants of the Healthy Habit Month were Samsung Health. The event was held in the United States in collaboration between Samsung Health and Lympo.

Lympo also revealed the motive behind hosting Healthy Habit Month. It confirmed that it wants to encourage all its users to build healthy habits and perform physical exercises to stay healthy.


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