The Victory Capital Management firm has recently made an announcement, which could prove to be very exciting for its clients. Victory Capital Management firm, a prominent investment firm worth more than hundreds of billions has made an announcement related to cryptocurrencies.

The firm has announced that it is currently very interesting in cryptocurrencies. It currently aims to look deeper into the cryptocurrency industry and wants to provide its users exposure to cryptocurrencies. Victory Capital Management firm wants to expose its clients to the cryptocurrency industry and its market.

Victory Capital Management firm made the announcement in regards to its interest in offering exposure to crypto on Tuesday, June 8. In the announcement, Victory Capital Management firm has announced that it would be acting as an exclusive sponsor.

The firm has confirmed that it would be an exclusive sponsor for several vehicles including private placement funds. The firm has announced that the services it aims to offer would be available through Hashdex and Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI).

Hashdex is a cryptocurrency asset manager based in Brazil while Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) is the work of Nasdaq, which exists as an index.

Victory Capital Management has also revealed that it is planning to commence three funds. The first fund would track the Nasdaq Ethereum Price Index and the second one would track the Nasdaq Bitcoin Reference Price Index.

In the end, the third and the last fund would be for the investors who would be responsible for investors tracking the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI).

Mannik Dhillon, the president of VictoryShares, the ETF provider to Victory Capital Management also talked about the company’s latest decision. He stated that Victory Capital has its eyes set upon the cryptocurrency industry for some time. It had been closely monitoring its performance and market impact for a while.

After careful analysis and study of the market, Victory Capital is confident that the cryptocurrency would prove as one of the most reliable investment assets. This is the reason why Victory Capital has decided to adopt digital assets for its portfolio. With this, the company would have added diversity in the assets that it provides investors for investment.

He stated that Victory Capital would provide investors the opportunity to invest their portfolio through the Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI). By investing portfolio through the NCI, the users would be able to earn the same returns they would by investing in cryptocurrencies.

With the help of the NCI, the investors would be able to gain access to several digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This way, more investors would gain exposure to these assets and make the most out of them.

Victory Capital is confident that the particular step would prove extremely beneficial and effective for the company and its investors for a long term.


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