AOS-Exchange Review

Even though Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it didn’t gain traction and attention until 2017, when it reached a price tag of over $19,000. The leading cryptocurrency shocked investors and other participants in the market when it reached this all-time high and prompted millions of people around the world to jump into this industry for a slice of the profits.aos exchange

Today, the crypto market is expanding at a rapid pace, as there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that have been added to the mix, and each of them boasts its own profit potential. There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are a great trading instrument and you can also tap into their potential. 

However, in order to move forward, your priority should be to choose a good and dependable brokerage that allows you to do so. A quick search will show you that the market has many options, but not all of them are created equal. Some may offer you variety, but not good conditions. Likewise, others may not have the right tools and more. The best way to determine the right pick is by going over some vital aspects. This is also applicable when you come across AOS-Exchange, a company that offers dedicated crypto trading services. 

Let’s take a look at what AOS-Exchange has to offer:

Platform and Tools 

Begin your research with a broker’s trading platform and tools because this is exactly what you need them for. If you could find these on your own, you wouldn’t need their services at all. Every company offers a different option to its clients and with AOS-Exchange, you will find that they have opted to go with a web-based trading solution. This online trading platform is accessed by logging onto their website, which makes it highly flexible. You can access it on your desktop PC or your smartphones, or any other device you want. 

It also offers speedy trade execution and comes with an array of trading tools that can make it easier for traders to make decisions. You can get alerts, market reviews, currency converter, charting tools, and others that are helpful. 

Numerous Crypto Choices

When you opt for a brokerage that specializes in crypto trading, you would obviously expect them to offer you a solid range of crypto options. The issue is that most go with the popular choices and don’t give any other, lesser-known offerings. AOS-Exchange has opted to provide a combination of cryptocurrencies to their clients. Whether you want to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, or you want others like DASH, IOTA, Ox, Monero, Zcash, or NEM, you can find the choices here and diversify as per your preference.

Multiple Account Options 

Creating an account is part of the process of using a broker’s services and you will be required to pick an account option. With AOS-Exchange, you will see that they have added multiple account options, and this kind of variety is not usually provided by most companies. There are a total of seven account options, each boasting its own deposit requirements, trading conditions, and features. These options are:

  • Trail- Minimum deposit €500 and leverage 1:100
  • Basic- Minimum deposit €5,000 and leverage 1:150
  • Trader- Minimum deposit 10,000 and leverage 1:200
  • Pro Plus- Minimum deposit €50,000 and leverage 1:250
  • VIP- Minimum deposit €100,000 and leverage 1:300
  • Millionaire Club- Minimum deposit €500,000 and leverage 1:350
  • VIP Ultra- Minimum deposit €1,500,000 and leverage 1:400

Market reviews, specialist opinions, tutorials, market analyst, personal account managers, worldwide conference invites, membership of traders’ club, risk management systems, full customer support, webinars, personal lessons with experts, and face-to-face meetings are some of the features that are spread out across these account options. 

Bottom Line 

AOS-Exchange has also added excellent security features for providing peace of mind and they have responsive customer support available for assisting their clients, allowing them to tap into the crypto market with ease.


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