As per the latest reports, AscendEX has announced that it has listed Taraxa through its exchange platform. The announcement was made by AscendEX for the listing of Taraxa asset on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. AscendEX was previously known as BitMax, which is considered to be an industry-leading platform for the trading of digital assets. The BitMax (AscendEX) platform has been launched by the quant trading veterans from Wall Street.

While making the announcement, AscendEX revealed that for now, it is going to launch just one pair for the Taraxa (TARA) token that would be linked with Tether (USDT). The firm revealed that the integration and listing of the TARA token had already been executed on March 23, 2021, at 09:00 am (EDT).

Taraxa is a platform that exists as a public ledger and has been introduced for aiding the audit process for informal transactions. The platform is known for providing users with an infrastructure that is decentralized. This platform is used for the purpose of tracking transactional agreements that are informal.

Furthermore, its infrastructure also helps in tracking data that helps in minimizing the risk of confusion and cost during the process of dispute elimination. Furthermore, the Taraxa token (TARA) is also used for several purposes that include governance, staking, and gas through the network provided by Taraxa.

It is no longer a hidden fact that the majority of the transactions currently flowing through the networks are unverifiable, uncaptured, and informal. As a result of this kind of nature, many unintended disputes and confusions get born in the transactional spaces.

This is where Taraxa (TARA) shows its true colors and provides users with leverages of audit logging and inline capturing. This helps the data transaction in becoming more seamless and trusted.

Before the advent of blockchain technology, it was almost impossible to be able to extract informal data and trust its authenticity. However, blockchain technology has provided a solution to this problem and now, informal data can be trusted.

Taraxa has announced that by getting their token listed through the exchange, they will be able to attract more users to the platform. This would eventually mean that blockchain technology has finally started getting trusted and adopted by third parties.

For the Taraxa executives, this is one of the best and perfect opportunities that the platform will use in order to promote blockchain technology and its adoption.

Taraxa has announced that there are two main goals that the company is aiming to achieve by the end of the year 2021. The firm has announced that their first goal is to launch their mainnet by the end of 2021 as well as bring in more adoption and user-base to the application platforms.


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