Axia  Review

Axia logoProviding the ultimate trading experience is what Axia wants to achieve and to do that, robust technology, strong security, outstanding support, and diverse asset coverage have been embraced.

Authorized and regulated by the FSA, this is a brand that continues to be trusted by the online trading community, since it has redefined how CFD trading is done. Fierce professionalism comes together with trust, reliability, and accuracy in offerings, which is why the current Axia review will try to show what the main benefits when trading with this broker are.

What markets can you trade?

The Axia CFD offering is not limited to a single asset class, which means traders can choose the right instruments depending on their trading strategy, personal goals, risk appetite, or price developments at any given moment. Capital is shifting among assets with different profiles and retail traders need to be able to adjust accordingly.

With currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities, Axia customers can get involved in 400+ high-ranking assets, benefiting from all the features associated with a trading account. There are 5 account types available, but regardless of choice, access to the full asset list is granted to all customers.

why choose Axia

Differences can be spotted in terms of spreads, stop out levels, welcome bonuses, initial deposits, and access to features like trading signals, long-term financial plan, or direct line to the trading room.

Efficient trading software


A platform is the main gateway towards the financial market, increasing the importance of the features built into it. Axia is aware that traders need access to tailored software and has designed two brand-new solutions for its customers:

  • AxiaTrader Web
  • AxiaTrader Mobile

On desktop, laptop, or mobile devices, these platforms have all that it takes to trade in the most challenging conditions. Traders can take advantage of daily signals, charting suite, real-time alerts, and risk management tools.

Alongside advanced functionalities and charting abilities, customers can also gain a quick overview of their account, benefiting from the intuitive interface.

At the same time, MetaTrader 5 is the third platform of choice available with Axia, bringing even more diversity. Software by MetaQuotes remains a beacon of efficiency in the CFD trading space and as customers can use MT5 on any type of device, they are able to take advantage of EAs, market news, and other tools built-in.

Customer service

For more information about Axia’s services, don’t hesitate to talk to a support representative. The team is always at the customers’ disposal during working hours, via email or live chat. The Axia Support Center is where you can find answers to some of the most common questions.

Axia support center

Final thoughts

When it comes to Axia, no compromises are made. Professionalism and meeting customer demands remain top priorities. This ultimately ends up being a major benefit for CFD traders looking to get involved in the markets with proper tools. Axia is a regulated, transparent, and proactive CFD broker, deserving the attention of a global trading audience.


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