Anyone who has invested in the cryptocurrency market is familiar with prominent projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but most of them are not familiar with the thousands of other cryptocurrencies that are also traded 24/7. It is a given that manually sorting through these investment opportunities is just not possible, but you can take advantage of a crypto screener to find the next addition to your portfolio. The number of cryptocurrency screens has also increased, as more and more people are on the hunt for more crypto investment opportunities to add to their portfolios.

Some of the best cryptocurrency screeners you can consider in different scenarios are outlined below:

CoinMarketCap (Best for Newbies)

Whether you are a new crypto investor, or an experienced one, you have probably made use of CoinMarketCap for checking the prices of different cryptocurrencies at least once. But, a lot of people are not aware that they can also use it for creating a free portfolio and access the advanced screening tools it has to offer. It takes just one click for you to sort by platform, industry, algorithm, and price.

Not only does CoinMarketCap screen the market for highlighting new investment opportunities, it also gives a detailed explanation of the technology powering the most popular tokens and coins on its scanner. All you have to do is click on the asset and you can learn more about it to decide whether to add it to your watchlist or not.

Yahoo! Finance (Best for Heatmaps)

A heatmap refers to a tool that can be used for analyzing how an entire sector of the market is performing. Heatmaps are commonly used for stock screeners and other kinds of investments, Yahoo! Finance provides users with a holistic view of the crypto space through its tile heatmap. Along with heatmap views, it also offers a simple and straightforward screener that can be used to sort by market capitalization, price, volume and more in just one click. While it may not have some of the advanced charting options that are available on other platforms, it does have an easy-to-operate and free interface.

TradingView (Best for Asset Choice)

This is perhaps the most comprehensive crypto screening tool you will find in the market. The all-inclusive crypto screener you will find on TradingView comprises of more than 7,700 asset pairs, which range from crypto/fiat pairs to crypto/crypto pairs, such as LINK/BTC. In addition, you can also find browser-based charting options and real-time data here. These features can be used by advanced investors for accessing the charting tools they require, without having to download any specialized software.

Cryptolume (Best for Professionals)

Experienced and professional crypto investors will find Cryptolume to be one of the best all-in-one solutions for enhancing their trading. With scanning and power screening features, it produces more than 1,000 algorithmic alerts every five minutes. It is also possible to set custom alerts and they are fed into your desktop when a particular movement or volume change is triggered. Even though this screener currently only has paid options, its up-to-the-minute data and wealth of tools are worth the price for advanced investors.

Quadency (Best for a Unified Experience)

Boasting an intuitive and fast interface, Quadency provides traders with access to all top-tier exchanges via a single platform and there are different order types for every trader. You can go live in minutes, customize your strategies or choose from pre-built popular ones. It enables you to keep track of all your assets from multiple exchanges and there are offline wallets that can also be used for tracking your performance over time. Advanced charting is also available on Quadency, which enables you to go beyond market cap rankings. There are integrated charts and market screeners combined with high-quality streaming data.

com (Best for Additional Features) gives you the option of tracking hundreds of cryptocurrencies and setting alerts through the mobile app. Users can also use the platform for buying and selling crypto at true cost, which can save you money on the spread. You can use it to track, trade and earn interest and even spend your cryptocurrencies through its platform. Plus, it also has a VISA card that allows you to earn crypto rewards on all purchases you make via the debit card.


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