Binance Launches Their Crypto-Debit Card

The latest and the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry at present is the cryptocurrency debit card that has been launched by the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world known as Binance. Binance has announced that its cryptocurrency debit card is now available in the entire major countries of Europe.

Binance has released a statement this Tuesday in one of their blog posts that the Binance Visa Card is available to all the countries that are part of the European Economic Area countries or simply known as EEA countries.

With the launch of their new product, the entire world’s economy is already in a state of awe and what has become a cherry on top is up to 7% cashback reward that Finance has announced that they will be given their users for any transactions they have to make, expressing their gratitude for launching their service in the European region. So far, many economic gurus and analysts have praised that the cashback amount offered by Binance is more than the cashback offered by any other company or service provider.

Adding to their news, Binance has informed their users and the rest of the cryptocurrency community that the Binance Visa Debit card will work in the same manner as someone having money in their bank account. When making a withdrawal in a foreign country, the money would convert to the local currency of your visit and you will receive the amount in the local currency.

It is the same case with the Binance Visa Debit card where one would be able to convert the cryptocurrency available in their wallets and receive them in the local currency. With the help of this service, a user would be able to make transactions or spend their cryptocurrency in more than 60 million locations from around the world.

Binance has made so much progress and delivered their new product (Binance Visa Debit Card) in such a swift manner as they had just announced back in April 2020 that they are planning to launch their cryptocurrency debit card then deploying it in the month of July and opening registrations in the following month.



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