The blueprint copy has not just disjointed the crypto community but also the Ether lovers. Moreover, this has also put Ethereum’s up word journey on hold. Whether Ethereum’s price hike stopped, Bitcoin touched $60,000 mark.

Ethereum was being traded at $4,380 before experiencing the harsh rejection. Traders overs the years have seen the Ether’s journey to follow Bitcoin historic new levels. This trend changed immediately after the crypto currency went back to the same pattern and moved backwards.  Ether’s price decline is the classic case of ruthless of market volatility. The experts have predicted that Bitcoin would soon be following the same pattern.  Despite the fact that Ethereum has experienced the downfall in price, but Ethereum holders have refused to trade the token and they have rather decided to keep their assets.

Given the fact that new investors are investing in the market, institutional investors are keenly observing the crypto market. Ether’s price will rise again pretty soon. Especially when company has announced the plans to launch Ethereum 2.0 platform on the Blockchain.

As compared to Ether. Bitcoin has somehow retained its price and ended the week with $60K price tag. However, following the Bullish trends this could go to either way. But Bitcoin managed to close the week at record price. Another major factors that aided the Bitcoin to maintain its price around $60K dollars is the massive shift of exchange. A huge number of investors moved large number of Bitcoins BTC to major exchange Binance. The fact of the matter is that despite Bitcoin retained its price, but it sends the traders the shockwaves. This shows that how dramatically the crypto market can change and how volatile the market is.

Despite the fact that Bitcoin’s price hike and the possibility that it might fell down is a hard nut to crack and impossible to predict. But United States’ first Bitcoin ETF is likewise still a major topic of debate, as noted by popular Twitter account BitBit. Experts do believe that one of the biggest reason that Bitcoin might keep moving on and finally surpass the $64K mark is the upcoming Bitcoin ETF.  Moreover, as the major Bitcoin reserves being traded over to Binance, it has rampantly increased the exchange’s reserves. According to data from statistics resource Bybt, these increased by over 50,000 BTC to near 400,000 BTC as of Friday.

However, this price struggle between Bitcoin and Ethereum will kept going on. There are some seasoned crypto experts who believe that in longer run of time Ether is favorite digital currency to lead the crypto market and it will eventually surpass the Bitcoin as the world’s most prestigious crypto currency.


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