According to the latest reports, NYDIG has reportedly hired a new chief financial officer (CFO). The reports suggest that the recently hired chief financial officer was previously performing his duties at Bridgewater Associates. NYDIG has confirmed that John Dalby will have the opportunity to work as the chief financial officer (CFO) at NYDIG.

Robert Gutmann, the founder of NYDIG has welcome John Dalby as the firm’s new chief financial officer. Gutmann stated that he and the entire NYDIG team is extremely excited to have Dalby onboard. He stated that they all welcome Dalby in his role as the CFO at NYDIG.

NYDIG is a company that is focused and excels in its expertise in the tech and finance sector that is based on Bitcoin (BTC).

Gutmann stated that NYDIG is all about offering unique and innovative solutions to the users in the Bitcoin (BTC) space. The cryptocurrency industry is focused on the well-being of its users and is dedicated to facilitating them in any way possible.

The company is constantly expanding and for this purpose, it needs people who are determined and have the ambition of serving users and providing them with top-class services.

Gutmann stated that they found Dalby the best choice among all other candidates. He is remarked/praised for his humility, curiosity, and kindness among all connected with him. He is full of enthusiasm and is deep knowledge of the finance sector.

Over time, he has gained a tremendous amount of experience in the financial services sector. Together with his skills, experience, and attributes, Dalby is the perfect choice for their project. They cannot wait for him to join the club and start offering his services as the CFO at NYDIG.

With his input, NYDIG is destined to gain an enormous amount of advancements in the solutions that the company provides in the Bitcoin (BTC) sector. Ever since the foundation of NYDIG, they have strived to provide users with the best Bitcoin (BTC) solutions. Furthermore, they have also strived to bring in more exposure for Bitcoin (BTC) through their services and products.

With Dalby onboard, the project will definitely be introducing newer and advanced products to the users. Therefore, they will be bringing in more exposure and adoption to the platform over the course of time.

Moving from Bridgewater Associates is one of the most difficult decisions that Dalby had to make working at the company. Bridgewater Associates provides investment management services and acts as a powerhouse for mainstream institutions, and was founded back in 1975.

On the other hand, NYDIG is a newly introduced startup in the Bitcoin investment industry. Founded back in 2017, NYDIG has gained tremendous growth and success. It recently made into the headlines for generating $100 million after completing a successful funding round.


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