Perth Heat, which is Australia’s most popular and admired baseball team, has adopted Bitcoin Standard which will enable all the players playing in the team to receive their salary dues in Bitcoins. In addition, the team wishes to keep Bitcoins within the team’s balance sheet for investment and profit earning.

Perth Heat is the name of a baseball team with which all of the Australians are fully acquainted. Aussies love this team and every baseball player playing on the team. Keeping this in mind, the team’s management has always tried to keep their fans engaged with the team and teammates. The team hosts events where fans get the chance to meet their favorite players in person. In addition, Perth Heat has its very own web page where it provides updates regarding the team on daily basis. From the webpage, the fans can also buy items of their interest that are associated with Perth Heat. Similarly, occasionally, the website holds auctions where things belonging to the players are sold in the auction.

Recently, the team has informed on 17th November 2021 that it has adopted “Bitcoin Standard”.

Adoption of Bitcoin Standard means that the persons associated with Perth Heat are entitled to receive their dues either in cash or Bitcoin. Depending on their choice, the players, managerial and other staff of the team can choose to accept their salary dues in Bitcoin.

Perth Heat has now become Australia’s first sports team to have adopted the Bitcoin Standard. For the purposes of paying dues in Bitcoin, the Perth Heat team has obtained the services of a crypto payment entity called “Opennode”. The arrangement has been duly agreed to in writing in an agreement between the contracting parties.

An official announcement of the Bitcoin Standard too was published on the same day. Team management said that from now on every player and staff personnel associated with the team can receive payments in Bitcoin. Soon after the announcement, it became obvious that the players, managerial and other staff were all interested in Bitcoin payments. The majority of them said that they would be more than happy in receiving payments through the lead digital currency.


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