In the past couple of years, the cryptocurrency sector has become part of the global economy. There are many sectors from around the world that have started adopting cryptocurrencies such as charities, donations, and other noble causes. However, when it comes to religion, things become way too sensitive and the crypto-sector may have to work a lot in order to be trusted by the religions.

There is one Church from Russia that has made it quite clear that it will not be easy to be convinced by the crypto-sector. The church is from Russia with almost 100 million members representing the dominant religion in the country.

The church has made it crystal clear that it would neither appreciate nor accept any donations or offerings made through cryptocurrencies.

This message was conveyed by the chairman of the church on a YouTube channel “Jesus Portal” during a questions and answers session. It was during the Q&A session when the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations, HilarionAlfeyev talked about cryptocurrencies. It is the Moscow Patriarchate that the Department of External Church Relations belongs to.

During the session, the Russian Orthodox Church made it clear that it is neither creating its own digital currency nor it is going to adopt any. It was cleared that the church will not be accepting any cryptocurrencies or even the largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Alfeyev stated that they are willing to accept donations/offerings through other technologies. They would accept the donations/offers if the money were to be sent through phone calls or something similar.

Although the chairman is still not okay with accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies, yet it seems that the church’s stance over accepting crypto has somewhat softened.

The reason for this speculation is because a few years back, Alfeyev was completely against cryptocurrencies. The chairman even went on to pass some very negative remarks around cryptocurrencies. He simply generalized the entire cryptocurrency industry as a Ponzi scheme that was nothing more than a way to lure people and steal away their money.

In the past, whenever he talked negatively about cryptocurrencies, he never distinguished between digital assets and traditional banks. He stated that the cryptocurrency industry has opened up new ways of usury for the public and the church has always been against such acts and distribution of usury.

It has been reported that due to the pandemic, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) would itself facing the most difficult time. The ROC reportedly had two of its churches shut down in the country due to the pandemic and the SOPs.

In the year 2014, it was reported that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) was generating over $150 million in profits.


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