As per the latest reports, has made an announcement surrounding the listing of a new token. has confirmed that it has listed the native token “Gather Tokens (GTH)” of Gather. has been built by the veterans from the Wall Street quant trading squad. It exists as a trading platform for digital assets that are known for providing users with industry-leading services.

BitMax has confirmed that the listing of the Gather Token (GTH) on its platform will be carried out on Monday, March 15, 2021. As for now, Gather Token (GTH) has been launched just with a single pair making it the GTH/USDT pair.

The firm also confirmed that the deployment of the Gather Token (GTH) through the BitMax platform will be carried out at 10:00 am (EST).

For those who are not aware of Gather, it is a platform that is known for facilitating online publishers to monetize without having to do anything related to ads.

Furthermore, the platform is also known for providing reliable processing power to developers and businesses from all over the world. The business solution provided by the platform is through cloud computing, which is considered to be very cost-effective.

With the help of the platform, even companies with the most complex computational operations would be able to make the best use out of the technology offered. By using the Gather Cloud facility offered by, the users can ensure that they end up unlocking new streams for revenue and lower their costs of acquiring services.

The users on the BitMax exchange will be able to use the Gather network (GTH) as the native token for trades and other activities. The major uses for the GTH tokens through the platform would include charges related to processing power, settlements, network interaction charges, and gas fees.

Furthermore, the GTH tokens can be used for the voting/governance of the project, staking, incentive for master-nodes, for Gather online reward settlements, and Gather Cloud itself. is one of the most influential and reliable trading platforms for digital assets that was launched back in August 2018. The platform is known for providing its users and clients with a wide range of financial products being offered.

Some of the major services being offered at the platform would be for institutional and retail clients. The users will be able to use margin trading, other investment solutions, staking, and derivatives trading.

Gather allows the users to gather information, entertain themselves and it also allows them to monetize without having to view any ads. The major reason behind the creation of the Gather platform was the core issues that it had the ability to deal with and provide solutions for.


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