A digital Bollywood is very much on the cards for the NFT developers. Since India is considered as the hub of technology the country’s youth and entertainment icons seems obsessed with crypto.

Moreover, country’s recent economic crisis has further pushed people closer to crypto trading.

In recent development, Bolly Heroes a large-scale project hinted to build a parallel Bollyverse. The goal is to bring Bollywood and NFT together. The project initially will launch 250 Legend NFTs and 10,000 programmatically generated Hero NFTs. The aim is to integrate NFT operations and movie medium to create brand-new products that is larger than both mediums.

As the result the Bollywood will have its roots in NFT world, however, NFT developers will have a stake in the profits generated by Bollywood. Bolly Heroes will also be engaged in dialogues with real celebrities to release their NFTs that are called Celeb NFTs. In every round of newly launched NFTs the early buyers of these NFT tokens will be provided with special benefits. However, the experts on the other hand have encouraged the idea. Bollywood is the largest entertainment industry outside Hollywood.

Bollywood’s worldwide acceptance and top-notch talent has won the hearts of people all across the globe. The rampant popularity of Bollywood and holds the potential to make this merger successful. The country’s financial experts do believe that this merger can generate economic activity worth billions. However, there are some concerns whether the execution of the project would be fans-centric or profit-centric.

The project will feature three different classes of NFT tokens, which will be available for people to purchase. Bolly Heroes will have Legend, Hero, and Celebrity NFTs, with the last of the three bringing in celebrities from all over Bollywood to sign off on them.

Since, Bollywood is multibillion-dollar industry that’s why the price of these tokens could be thousands. At the time of the initiation of blockchain, the Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet on blockchain for millions of dollars.  As movies hold even far more sentimental and staunch audience. So, the future of this whole initiative looks very bright.

As of this writing, Bolly Heroes also have other plans for the future. The company also working on creating parallel Bollywood entirely on the blockchain. It would be a digital film city. It will include Bolly Comics and Bolly DAO and Bolly Games. After Hollywood, Bollywood has also decided to jump into the crypto world. It would further expand Bollywood’s market and also allow more stakeholders to have stake in the Bollywood. It seems that digital era is at the peaks of its power as every real world sector is entering the digital landscape.


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