As the cryptocurrency industry moves towards new levels of adoption and mainstream success, more companies are launching services with their own ideas. One such company is Alfacash that has come up with a very useful and beneficial financial solution for the users.

The platform “Alfacash Store” has announced that it is now available for users to buy cryptocurrencies through its platform with fiat. The firm has also confirmed that the users would be able to buy even fiat with cryptocurrencies.

However, while using the Alfacash Store platform, the users will not have to worry about going through lengthy processes. The users will be able to carry purchases of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in a fully automated and non-custodial way.

The firm has revealed that apart from automation, the platform will also offer fast operations, regulatory compliance, and high liquidity.

The purchasing of cryptocurrencies through fiat currencies without going through KYC verifications and custody is almost impossible. However, Alfacash Store is determined to take care of this problem and provide a solution for it in the most authentic and feasible way possible.

The firm aims to stay fully compliant and operate legally while providing as much automation as possible to the users. The platform is constantly making efforts to streamline the process for the users as early as possible.

Alfacash Store will operate as a non-custodial and fully automatic exchange. The automation process will not only be limited to the purchasing process of cryptocurrencies, but it would also include the compliance process for the KYC policy.

The platform will also be offering trading services to the users and the platform will be offering its own reserves for trading. It would not require users to acquire their resources or cryptocurrencies from a different source and then move them to Alfacash Store for trading.

The platform that has been created by Alfacash Store is fully automated, extremely fast, user-friendly, and is accessible from any region. In addition comprehensible trading platform, Alfacash Store would also offer low service fees and competitive exchange rates.

Alfacash Store has revealed that it will be offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies through the platform. Some of the major cryptocurrencies that the platform will be offering include XRP, LTC, BTC, ETH, and USDT.

When it comes to regulatory adherence, the platform is fully compliant with KYC as well as the AML regulations. It offers a highly secure and strongly protected infrastructure where the users can trade in the most convenient environment. Under the GDPR principles, the users are fully protected when it comes to the data of the customers.

The platform will also offer 24/7 customer support and provide a highly safe and secure trading platform. The users will also be able to process transactions in EUR (SEPA).


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