If people think that the cryptocurrency industry is just about investing and making profits, then it is just a misconception. It is true that when the cryptocurrency industry started, it was limited to just mining and trading. With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry has grown bigger than ever.

When it comes to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, all the credit goes to the cryptocurrency users. Over the course of time, the cryptocurrency industry has become an enormous community. The industry has become an ecosystem where everyone tries to help each other in any possible way.

At present, the cryptocurrency user-community is more than 100 million and there are no signs that this community will stop growing any time soon.

Just recently, the cryptocurrency community has again proven that it works like one-big family by doing something very special for a fellow member. The crypto-user also thanked the entire cryptocurrency community for their care and support in the user’s time of need.

The cryptocurrency user had made a mistake on a smart contract that cost the user a fortune. As the result of the error made, the user ended up losing around $50,000. The user thanked the cryptocurrency community as the fellow-members helped the user raise $11,000 worth of donations against his loss.

It has been confirmed that the user belonged to the Github platform and goes by the username ‘dawidkabani13’. The user ended making the error right at the beginning of the Christmas month. It was reported that the user accidentally transferred four thousand five Chainlink (LINK) to a smart contract.

At the time when the user made the transfer, the 4,005 LINK translated to around $47,000. The smart contract where the user mistakenly sent the LINK tokens was the GHST (immutable Aavegotchi) smart contract. The smart contract is based on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

The user informed that he knew that he had made an error the moment he executed the transfer. As he knew that the platform didn’t support operations on tokens, he approached the crypto-community for help and suggestions. He asked the entire cryptocurrency community to help recover his lost money he transferred were his life-savings.

The user even went to the extent of offering 1,000 LINK to the person who would help him retrieve his lost funds. The user also tagged VitalikButerin on his Twitter post requesting him if he could do anything to reverse the transaction.

However, the Aavegotchi platform went with a different approach and set up a donation page for the user. It did it with aim to raise donations from the cryptocurrency community to help recover as much money as possible for the affected.

As a result, the platform was able to generate around $11,000 for the user from donations made from 250 deposit accounts.


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