A leading fuel and convenience retailer, Circle K has begun a campaign of deploying Bitcoin ATMs in its stores across Canada and the United States. They have already installed approximately 700 machines that are operated by Bitcoin Depot. According to their announcement, they are the first major retail chain to have deployed Bitcoin ATMs throughout its stores. An announcement was made last Thursday by Bitcoin Depot, the largest Bitcoin ATM operator in the world. It said that they had entered into an exclusive partnership with Circle K that spans across Canada as well as the U.S. and the 700 ATMs have already been installed in over 30 states. 

A leader in fuel and convenience retail, Circle K is actually a global brand name of Alimentation Couche-Tard. There are more than 14,200 stores operating of the brand spread across 26 countries and territories. As per the company itself, Circle K is the largest operator of independent convenience stores in terms of the number of company-operated stores that can be found in the United States. In addition, it is also a leader in the road transportation fuel retail in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Canada and Ireland as well as a leader in the convenience store industry. 

Apart from that, Circle K also has a presence in Hong Kong and Poland. As far as Bitcoin Depot is concerned, it is based in Atlanta and currently owns around 3,793 crypto ATMs. This makes it the largest operator of crypto ATMs, bringing it ahead of Coin Cloud and Coinflip, which have 2,628 machines and 2,499 machines, respectively. The crypto ATMs provided by Bitcoin Depot allow users to buy Bitcoin as well as 30 other cryptocurrencies that can be found in the market. The chief executive at Bitcoin Depot, Brandon Mintz, said that Circle K was fully aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies and that they will play a vital role in the future economy as well as payments landscape.

The CEO said that this Circle K’s decision of adding Bitcoin ATM’s to the company’s stores will allow the retailer to attract new clients to their store and they will also be able to provide financial access to underserved communities. Hence, this will help Circle K in setting itself apart from the other retailers in the crowd, all thanks to this new technology. Circle K’s Senior Vice President of Global Merchandise and Procurement, Denny Tewell said that their partnership with Bitcoin Depot would help them in further building on this commitment. 

He said that their brand would be able to establish an early and important presence in the rapidly growing and expanding crypto marketplace and they would be able to become a convenient destination for people to purchase their Bitcoin when they want. This is another indication that the crypto industry is widening its applications and having an impact in other industries, as the digital currencies become more and more mainstream and their demand continues to go up. 


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