Coin Frog

Coin Frog

Coin Frog is a fallout of the currency revolution started by Satoshi Nakamoto. Our goal, in general, is to be a part of everything that makes cryptocurrencies mainstream. We look towards a future where cryptocurrencies and associated blockchain applications flourish. We are committed to making it happen.

Business vision and goals of CoinFrog

We aim to be a great and open platform for anyone to learn, share and discuss their thoughts, opinions, ideas and more.

  • To be a vibrant community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to hang out
  • Aim to bring out authentic News, Guides, Articles, Videos that talk about the basics and also the present and future of cryptocurrency world.
  • and to sell Bitcoin and cryptocurrency goods and services with a functioning woocommerce store.

A great community is only possible when people take time and effort to build it.


We are proud to be featured among the Top 100 Bitcoin blogs.