Coinbase Has Intimated Its Users That There Might be a Connectivity Issue Due to the AWS Outage from Amazon

One of the major cryptocurrency exchanges based in the United States of America has just posted a notification for its users. The exchange has issued an intimation to its users that they may be facing connectivity issues in the coming days.

The reason behind this notification is the recent delays and latency issues the crypto-exchange has started facing lately. Just recently, the error rates have started going up and become elevated. The Coinbase crypto-exchange has confirmed that these issues have been caused by the AWS service outage.

This notification was posted by the Coinbase crypto-exchange on November 25, 2020, after 07:00 PST. This is the second post (notification) that was posted by the Coinbase crypto-exchange as it had already posted a statement 9 hours prior to the second one.

In the initial announcement, the exchange had stated that although there is a connectivity issue, even then there will not be any disruption with transactions. However, this statement was removed in the latest post made by the exchange.

The latest notification stated that the users may face intermittent errors or delays while processing transactions. The exchange also intimated that the customer support inquiries and resolutions may also be impacted by the outage.

As per the recent updates, the AWS Outage has caused a huge impact on the tech sectors of numerous firms. It is not only Coinbase that has been impacted by the outage. Firms such as online newspapers, Flickr, and Adobe Spark have also been affected by this outage.

As of now, it has been more than 24-hours since the outage has been faced and there has not been any estimated time of resolution provided for this.

So far, the outage has made its way to the global news raising many eyebrows. There are many claims that AWS outage has also had a huge impact on the internet. Some observers are stating that it has also affected a portion of the internet to go down.

Although the issue has been caused by AWS (Amazon) and not by Coinbase, still the firm is again taking the heat from its users. The firm has been known for taking huge blows from the connectivity and latency issues since the beginning of the year.

For many users, the Coinbase latency issue is not something new. Since the beginning of the current year, there have been 9 different outages reported by the exchange. The outages were of different sorts and had different impacts on the performance of the exchange.

After the mass-discontent expressed by the Coinbase users, the CEO of exchange ‘Brian Armstrong’ also had to intervene. He apologized for the issue caused and assured the affected users that they are working tirelessly to solve the problem for good. They are working to get all the services up and running to their fullest at the earliest.


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