Coiniwelt Review – Why Trading with This Broker Made Sense to Me

Coiniwelt Review

Before you start trading with an online broker, you have to make sure that you have a philosophy that coincides with that company. When I was a new trader, I had made up my mind that I was going to sign up on a trading platform that seemed to care about me. I don’t look for any fancy features or special treatment. Just tell me that you understand my needs as a trader and I will be ready to sign up with you. Which company fulfilled this particular desire?

Well, I have to say that no other company has done it better than Coiniwelt. coiniwelt

There are many reasons why this particular company made sense to me. I would like to touch upon only the most important points here in this short review. 

Its Asset Index Is Impressive

I have to tell you that I have discovered, tested, and tried many online companies for their trading features. They all say that they are trying to care about you. Yes, those are just words. Things change quite fast when you look into their features. I am telling you that in some cases, you will get nothing out of your trades because you would have signed up with the wrong company. Now, I have to tell you here that Coiniwelt is great with its asset index. This company has provided you with all the assets that matter today. From currencies to metals, you have all these assets in your reach. 

You can trade currencies from all around the world, not just the most famous ones. You can trade precious metals, such as silver, copper, and gold with it. You can go with the single assets of the companies or choose to trade indices. You also have bonds and ETFs available for you to trade. What is there that you will miss with this broker? Well, in my experience, I think I have found everything that I wanted to or desired to trade. 

The Bonus Means a Lot

I can tell you that the bonus that you get from your trading services provider will mean a lot to you. When you are new to trading, you are always struggling with the amount of money you have. If you are entering a big trade of a valuable asset, you have to have a lot of money. But how can the broker you are signing up with help you with this particular option? Well, I can tell you one thing that Coiniwelt has found the right solution to that problem. It has provided you with some great bonuses that will surely help you trade with confidence and make money. 

There is a bonus of 20% with the most basic trading account, called the Basic account. The standard account will demand only $2,500 from you but offers you a huge bonus of 30% on your initial deposit. You can get a huge bonus of up to 50% when you go with this company. Is there anything to lose?

It’s More than the Education Center

No, you can’t surprise me as a broker if you have some educational material on your website. That’s like something you will find on the website of every company in the world that provides trading services. Training and education are nothing new. The new brokers have to find a way to offer something more to their trades, and that’s where I think Coiniwelt is going a wonderful job. It is providing you with proper training material. But in addition to that, you will also have an account manager to help you with all your trading needs. To make things even better, you have live webinars that you can be a part of if you like. 

Final Thoughts

So, these are the most important points about this particular company that impressed me the most about it. There is no doubt that there are some equally potential brokers out there that you can sign up with. However, to me, the features of this company made the most sense, especially since I did not have a lot of money to sign up with it.


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