Utilizing its expertise in the financial industry for the benefit of its customers, Coinrise has recently ventured into the online cryptocurrency trading industry, after years of combined experience with big corporations, private equity firms, investors, and asset managers. Launched more than 15 years ago, it is now offering access to a large selection of cryptocurrencies, using advanced software and many different trading benefits.

Coinrise gives customers the ability to manage their wealth by offering professional trading services for a broad audience of people wanting to be part of the financial markets and take advantage of increased volatility. The main goal of the company is to create opportunities, helping customers to intelligently deal with challenging conditions, using educational resources and expert support.

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Coinrise Trading Software

Committed to helping customers succeed, Coinrise brought in a team of financial experts who had managed to develop a trading platform that’s both easy to use and integrates advanced features for price action analysis. Powered by TradingView, the charting techniques are currently among the most used in the world since there are so many different tools available.

Using moving averages, oscillators, Fibonacci retracement levels, and other popular drawing tools users of the Coinrise platform gain enhanced access. It can be accessed via a browser on the brand’s website using any device, be it desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

As part of its plan to facilitate access to the markets to beginners, the list of Coinrise benefits includes this WebTrader which promises fast transaction processing, no delays, and enhanced security. It is the only platform available, but due to its flexibility, traders shouldn’t have any issues using it from the usual trading desk or while on the go.

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Coinrise Crypto Assets

Although most of the people familiar with crypto have already heard about Bitcoin and Ether, not all of them also know about other altcoins like Polkadot, EOS, Stellar, Tron, Ethereum Classic, GAS, QSP, or POWR. When holding a trading account with Coinrise, access to such altcoins is granted. Traders can trade on their value denominated in USDT or EURT, taking advantage of increased market liquidity and attractive trading costs.

With a crypto assets list which currently includes tens of different tokens, building a diversified portfolio or finding cryptos that are more active than the others shouldn’t be an issue. Flexible leverage and fast trade execution are features any person needs to consider before opening an account with Coinrise.

Coinrise cryptocurrency trading benefits

Account Tiers with Coinrise

Not all customers can afford to deposit the same amount and their needs are different. Coinrise comes to the rescue with several account tiers which promise a generous pack of features, in exchange for a certain initial deposit. The mini account can be opened with as little as 250 units in the account’s currency and includes 24/6 customer support, up to 50% welcome bonus, trading signals, raw spreads, competitive commissions, and conditions ideal for scalping or high-volume trading.

Some traders may want to take their trading game to a new level and one of the ways to do this is by choosing a larger account. The offer also includes silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and VIP accounts, each with an increasing number of benefits and features attached.

Deposits and withdrawals can be done using popular methods such as credit/debit card, wire transfer, and e-wallet. Each user needs to verify the trading account by submitting identification documents.

Trading Education and Other Resources

Another important goal of Coinrise is to ensure access to educational resources. Together with a trading account, traders can benefit from daily market reviews, 1-on-1 educational courses, weekly managed sessions, trading alerts & events analysis, and access to premium trading rooms. It all depends on the account type chosen by each customer.

On top of that, there is a Coinrise news section available on the website, where traders can read some headlines which can have a meaningful impact on valuations.

Coinrise Pros and Cons

  • A company with 15+ experience in the financial markets
  • Opening an account with Coinrise is very affordable
  • Traders can diversify with investing services alongside trading
  • Coinrise does not offer the MetaTrader platforms
  • USA-based traders can’t sign up for an account
  • Trading with Coinrise involves commissions based on the account type chosen

Review Summary

Transparency has been granted by Coinrise since its inception and continues to be part of the brand’s philosophy. Traders interested in cryptocurrency trading or investing services can find all the relevant data on the company’s website or by contacting a representative. Coinrise proves to be offering competitive conditions and that’s an incentive for the time being when many retail traders want to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies. There is a very diversified list of crypto assets and different account types, to meet the demands of a global audience.


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