Even though most of the renowned cryptocurrencies encountered a massive downfall from their great highs during the month of April, a large number of them are up. In a lot of cases, these currencies are not just up, but they are higher by two hundred to three hundred percent. These percentages are remarkably better from how things used to be the last year, which shows that the trajectory of crypto is tremendous as of now.

In most cases, bitcoin seems to be getting most of the headlines. However, crypto experts express their concerns regarding the up and down nature of bitcoin. It is as unpredictable as they come but when the time is right, it is immensely profitable as well. That being said, Ethereum is slowly but surely gaining momentum as well.

For those who don’t know, this cryptocurrency came forward in 2013. Its platform is open-sourced and is perfect for creating and implementing fresh decentralized apps that use similar concepts to the blockchain. However, there are some major differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the main differences is that the latter has a massive chance of going past Bitcoin’s massive market capitalization.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the network of Ethereum is far more promising because of its applications in the real world and its convenience in storing values. In more ways than one, Ethereum is the ideal representation of smart contracts and programmable money. As good as Bitcoin is, it cannot reach this legacy any time soon.

What makes Ethereum a tremendous option is that its network offers full support to the developers. In addition, it also allows the customization of apps present in the infrastructure. A large number of experts suggest that Ethereum is undoubtedly a tremendous resource for the long run. What’s more, Ethereum comes in handy for making transactions like it was recently witnessed with NFT’s growing popularity.

Because of this, Ether’s rate for utilization is far better than the transactions people have noticed with Bitcoin during the previous year. Joe Biden’s administration has been actively looking for the best way possible to address various crypto markets. There is even a committee launched for reviewing digital currencies to ensure people are using digital assets the right way.

A high ranking representative of the United States securities and exchange commission stated that impostors should be wary of the upcoming regulations and enforcements. While most enthusiasts believe that these changes are more than welcome, there are some that do not agree.


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