A large number of cryptocurrency organizations requested congress make some reconsiderations regarding the language used in the infrastructure bills as they posed a massive threat to the entire cryptocurrency industry. The trillion-dollar deal that was proposed by Senator Joe Biden included billions for funding railways, broadband access, roads, and railways. All of this would be financed through the increase of tax revenue on various cryptocrrencies.


The bill proposed the previous week also added a few extra rules regarding cryptocurrency trading brokers and firms. In addition to that, they would also have to offer reports for extra information regarding transaction-related information, which would include those above ten thousand Dollars.

It is also worth keeping in mind that these updates may bring around 28 Billion Dollars in fresh tax revenue during the first decade. This was reported by reputable sources like the New York Times and Bloomberg. On Friday, the Blockchain association sent a letter claiming that whatever congress considers by proposing this deal, is not at all a fresh tax imposed on the crypto industry. If anything, it will impose fresh reporting standards and requirements for various players who do are not able to comply in any other way.

The letter stated that the provision eventually amounted to an upcoming threat to the crypto world, especially as far as America is concerned. The executive director of the association, Kristin Smith, made a statement on Thursday, where he claimed that the massive cryptocurrency industry was yearning to look at upgraded and fresh guidelines regarding exchange reporting for the internal revenue service.

With that said, the language used in the Bill was most likely drafted with a great deal of Haste, which is why there have been various issues associated with it. Jerry Brito, who is the think tank’s executive director stated that he believed the language used in the draft was incredibly broad. So much so, that it could possibly add newer reports for a variety of organizations. This is especially true for organizations lacking visibility regarding the transaction of their users.

After making this statement, Smith further added that these requirements for reporting will offer an extra dimension. They will achieve this by pushing jobs and businesses overseas. What’s more, they will also strengthen America’s grip in the cryptocurrency space, possibly taking it ahead of international competitors down the line. However, it will most likely not collect the billions of Dollars the congress believes it could bring in.


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