Crypto Goes Sailing on the Satoshi Cruise Ship

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry does not seem to be making any stops with respect to growth and development. Companies from around the world are finding new and innovative ways of adopting crypto-blockchain technology. All of this is being done in order to make the already running processes of the private, government, and semi-government sectors more efficient.

So far, the crypto-blockchain industry has found its place in sectors such as health, sports, esports, energy, arts, and music. Now, the crypto-blockchain industry has made its way to the tourism sector when a Chinese state announced that it will launch crypto-points systems. Using the points, the tourists will be able to visit restaurants, clubs, bars, amusement/theme parks, and book hotels.

Another very surprising announcement was made by Ocean Builders involving tourism and crypto-blockchain technology. Ocean builders are a company that is known best for building floating homes for seasteaders. In addition to floating homes, they are also known for building quality seapods.

As per Ocean Builders’ announcement, they are currently in the process of preparing a Crypto Cruise Ship. This Crypto Cruise Ship will be named ‘Satoshi’ and is expected to set sail from the Mediterranean. Then the ship will sail all the way from the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Panama where it will anchor.

Ocean Builders have also released some in-built details of the cruise ship in their announcement. The Crypto Cruise Ship ‘Satoshi’ has 777 cabins and 12 decks. Once the cabins are fully functional with the crypto-requirements added, they will be auctioned off as condos.

Apart from the basic accommodations, the ship has a water park, three bars, two pools, a juice bar, two cafes, and four whirlpools. More details for the cruise ship services and facilities can be acquired through Ocean Builders’ website. With all of these structures built-in, the Crypto Cruise Ship ‘Satoshi’ currently measures 811 feet in length.

When sailing in the crypto cruise ship, the tourists will have the option to pay through Bitcoin (BTC) for any services on the ship. The tourists will also have the option to use other means of payment as well as USD.



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