The supporters of crypto, which included high profiles names like the renowned Elon Musk along with Brian Armstrong, criticized it heavily. One of the main reasons behind their criticism was the fact that there was tax regulation being imposed according to the infrastructure bill from the senate. Many reports suggest that this bill aims to raise close to thirty billion Dollars with the help of crypto taxes.

Believe it or not, this bill is coming very close towards passage and it only became possible due to the push given by the senators. That being said, there were some amendments made to the bill very recently. One of the amendments made it clear that there would be higher tax compliance present in the crypto as well as the blockchain industry. While there is most likely more to follow, most people are not happy about this news.

Most of you reading this will most likely be aware that there was an infrastructure bill put forward by President Joe Biden. One of the main reasons behind the said bill was to raise around 30 billion Dollars though the use of crypto. A large number of service providers of digital assets will have to start reporting any user who holds digital currencies. So far, there have been two main amendments made to the talked about proposal.

What makes these amendments quite peculiar is the fact that one of them has the full support of President Joe Biden while the other has the crypto community’s full support. As mentioned earlier, this package of the infrastructure is worth trillions of Dollars and is edging close to the passage we were discussing. Advocates of crypto made heavy criticisms about more provisions being implemented to this bill.

It is clear as day that the administration is setting its sights on making tax compliance in the crypto world tighter than ever. This is what makes abundantly clear the fact that the administration indeed wants to raise billions of Dollars. Organizations like Ribbit Capital, Coinbase and Square opposed the bill and also gave warning that too much financial surveillance could cause more harm than good. This is particularly true for people who are crypto developers or miners.

The United States senators also made propositions regarding an amendment for clarifying all of the regulations related to reporting. A big advantage of this amendment relates to the clarification of people developing wallets and blockchain technology. Therefore, it would be more than fair to say that this infrastructure bill is not as bad as some people have been making it out to be.



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