The prices of crypto to continue to remain in the red zone to this day. The market cap of crypto all across the globe is reported to be a little over $1.90 trillion. This is seen as a tremendous increase, especially compared to how it was during the past few days. Some reports from reputable resources also suggest that the overall market volume of crypto decreased over the previous day, which has been taken as a bad sign from crypto enthusiasts.

While there is no denying that things seem a little grim but this is nothing new. If you have been following the crypto world for a long while, you will be well aware that there are ups and downs involved with it and volatility is a common part of the crypto world. As far as the volume of stable coins goes, it is more than $80 billion. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is nearly over $44000. Once again it continues to dominate the crypto market, with most crypto currencies still playing catch up.

That being said, bitcoin is way far from its favorable conditions as its overall value used to be significantly better. However, the prices of various crypto is not the only thing that has been making the news for a while. Mark Cuba, who is a well known billionaire from America and a renowned supporter of the meme based cryptocurrency Dogecoin made a massive revelation on social media. He stated that he owns only a little over $490 of the crypto. Cuban made this revelation earlier this week during a twitter conversation regarding bitcoin and dogecoin.

Thousands, if not millions of people were taken aback by this news, especially considering how much he supports dogecoin. However, Cuban did go on to mention that the NBA team that he owns, Dallas Mavericks, has been accepting payments in the form of dogecoin. This goes on to show that the American billionaire indeed supports this meme based crypto, despite not owning a large chunk of it.

The tech company known as Intel has also been making news in the crypto world. On Friday, intel corporation revealed that it has a stake in a United States based crypto exchange by the name of Coinbase Global Incorporated. Coinbase is a well recognized chipmaker and holds more than 3000 shares. According to reports, this amount could increase significantly in just a matter of months.

Needless to say, there have been loads of comings and goings in the crypto world, and you can expect them to increase within a matter of months. Sure, the prices of crypto won’t be favorable all the time but they do possess the ability to shock investors on a regular basis.


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