In the past 6 to 7 months, cryptocurrency scammers have been really active. They have been coming up with different approaches in order to lure people and get their hands on cryptocurrencies. Over time, these scammers have become very active and the number of scams in the cryptocurrency is constantly rising.

This is because many people from around the world have gotten their hands into cryptocurrencies without even having even the slightest of knowledge about them. They are investing in cryptocurrencies despite gathering any information such as their utility, acquisition, and other factors.

Over time, the cryptocurrency industry has become very active and vigilant against attempts made by such scammers. Whenever they come up with a new strategy or maneuver to lure people, the word spreads like wildfire. This helps people learn about the scams and their frequency, so they can find a solution around it at the earliest.

However, scammers have become very sophisticated and smart. They also keep coming up with newer ways and maneuvers in order to keep tempting people and deprive them of their money.

This time, the scammers have come up with a strategy that is tempting more people towards them and steals their Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. As a result, the number of victims of cryptocurrency scams is constantly increasing.

The reports suggest that the cryptocurrency scammers have now resorted to dating applications. They have now found dating applications to be one of the most advantageous and easy ways of stealing crypto from the victims.

Just recently, Casa has published a report around the same matter that it has studied in regards to such scams. Casa is a self-custody solutions provider that belongs to the cryptocurrency space and is based in the United States.

The report suggests that the scammers are now targeting cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the development of a novel attack. This kind of attack has been developed by scammers who are committing crimes in the cryptocurrency industry.

In the report, the firm has detailed the scamming activities of such scammers and has warned them about scammers currently lurking on dating applications. Over the course of time, these scammers are becoming more crypto-savvy and are coming up with newer ways to execute their plans.

Out of all the dating applications, Tinder has proven to be the most adopted and the most favorite platform for scammers. They also discussed one of the cases where one of the clients from Casa ended up being fooled by a crypto-scammer pretending to be a woman with an interest in crypto.

However, the client soon grew very much suspicious about the claim made by the woman investing in cryptocurrencies. The client revealed that the woman put something in his drink that completely caused loss of memory and inhibition.

He ended up giving her the password to his phone because he was not able to determine what was going on and the drug was doing its thing. Then the woman handed the phone over to some other person who might be part of the organization. As a result, the person ended up losing around $16,500 to the scammer.


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