As per the latest reports, Brevan Howard has made an announcement for its clients as well as the cryptocurrency community. Brevan Howard is prominently known as the major hedge fund that is based in the United Kingdom.

Brevan Howard has announced that it is planning to introduce services for digital as well as cryptocurrency assets. According to Brevan Howard, it is going to spend a vast amount of its resources in the expansion of its services in the cryptocurrency space. This information has been shared by one of the major reporting firms known as Reuters.

Aron Landy, the chief executive officer at Brevan Howard also provided more information in reads to the implementation of cryptocurrency services. Landy took charge of Brevan Howard as the CEO, when Alan Howard, the long-time cryptocurrency backer, and co-founder stepped down as the company’s CEO back in 2019.

Landy stated that they have been closely monitoring the cryptocurrency and digital assets industry. Since 2019, they have seen the cryptocurrency industry growing from a small scale to a very large scale. The year 2020 has re-defined the true potential of cryptocurrencies.

At present, cryptocurrency is visibly outperforming many industries from around the world, especially the online trading sector. This is the reason why they are now determined to take a long step inside the cryptocurrency and digital assets industry.

She stated that in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, they are going to proceed with two different kinds of strategies. In order to fully dedicate a certain amount of resources to crypto-adoption, they have decided to introduce a new division for the crypto-space.

She revealed that the name of the particular division would be BH Digital. The particular division will be responsible for managing digital and cryptocurrency assets for Brevan Howard. For this purpose, they have already started hiring the big guns responsible for running operations for BH Digital.

Landy confirmed that they have already hired Colleen Sullivan for the purpose of leading venture and private investments for cryptocurrencies. Colleen Sullivan is reported as the chief executive officer at CMT Digital.

Landy praised and remarked on Colleen Sullivan’s tenure and dedication in the cryptocurrency sector since 2013. In the cryptocurrency sector, Sullivan has focused on different departments such as legal/policy engagement, blockchain investments, and cryptocurrency trading. She has provided her services in these departments at CMT Digital, which is a division of CMT Group.

As Sullivan takes up her role at Brevans BH Digital, she will be the investment committee’s chairperson. Her role would be to come up with different kinds of strategies, maneuvers, and introduce innovations for the adoption and betterment of the crypto-sector.

According to Landy, Sullivan is going to prove the right choice for BH Digital for the extension of Brevan’s services as a cryptocurrency and digital asset service provider.



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