Best Websites For Cryptocurrency Market Data And Live Charts

If you are a cryptocurrency trader and you want to know where to find the complete price listing of all the altcoins on various exchanges, you are in the right place. Cryptocurrency market data and live charts are used to make the required trade calls.

Cryptocurrency or crypto (simply put) is a digital asset that works as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure its transactions, regulate the creation of more units, and to authenticate the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Best websites for cryptocurrency market data and live charts

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best websites that will provide you the most detailed cryptocurrency’s market data and live charts on its real-time prices, volume, percentage changes, and other useful data. The data may not be universal as the sources of data used are different depending which exchanges data they are applying. These sites may compile stats or be presenting the data in different ways. Thus, the usefulness may vary subject to your needs. As serious traders, we all need to find the best prices for our trade. Thus, I do believe we cannot depend on a single source, gathering the most reliable data is very important.



Coinhills is a great site for the most comprehensive altcoins list and the cryptocurrency market data and live charts. The UI is very easy to the eye and navigation is super silk. Coinhills provides live charts of almost every Altcoin available with the widest range of exchanges’ statistics in real-time.

Visit to view live charts now.



Cryptowatch is one of the best sites that provide up-to-date information about cryptocurrency market data and live charts. Accurate, easy-to-read statistics that get updated every second.

To get to this website, click



A very great cryptocurrency index website. An excellent website to update yourself on prices and data of most of the altcoins in real-time. They also provide API for anyone to use their data.

Visit for more info.

Coin Gecko


CoinGecko is one of the best growth websites for cryptocurrency market data and live charts. To no surprise, the website is well-planned and the user dashboard can be modified. But the altcoins featured are the most comprehensive. Even though the speed of the was slow for the past weeks, you will surely enjoy using this website for obtaining market data and live charts.

See for yourself at



BFX Data is a simple real-time price listing website that focuses on the needs of cryptocurrency traders. Some of the unique features are its margin financing, order books and sentiments data with charts. You also can download the data in CSV format. Another huge plus point. They also embed a handy calculator for margin financing and position computation.

You can go to to see for yourself. The Android app version is also available to download on Google Play.

Bitcoin Wisdom


Bitcoin Wisdom is also a useful charting site that assembles a real trading terminal. It is one of the most widely used websites for getting live data these days. Apart from the real-time stats and charts, it also provides info on the “mining difficulty status” of Bitcoin and Litecoin. The chart is free with ad-supported but they have a premium ads-free option.

Their website is


Bittrex exchange markets

The cryptocurrency market data page is part of the Bittrex exchange. They provide the real-time market data on all altcoins. It is another website you can use when searching for market data of some really niche cryptocurrency. They too have free useful API to use.

For more info, you could visit



This website provides data about bitcoin traded in various currencies. The website arrangement shares a slight similarity with As it is a part of It stated that the site has been moved to Could be worth visiting if you didn’t know about that site yet.


Tradeblock markets

The website stats page majorly focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum markets. They are created for institutional traders. But the chart in the public area is free and easy to use. The platform UI is an awesome and handy tool for traders to use.

You can go to to see for yourself.

Brave Newcoin Marketcap

Brave New Coin

The page is part of the premium altcoin data provider, Brave NewCoin’s website. You will surely find the Market Cap listing is very useful and practical. You will also like how they display the data of all the altcoins with all fiat money of the world.

Go to for more info on this website.

The Bitcoin Volatility Index

bitcoin volatility index

The bitcoin volatility index measures the historical volatility of the Bitcoin price, as well as that of Litecoin, in specific timeframes. This website simply tracks the volatility of Bitcoin prices in USD, EUR, GBO and a lot more. Volatility is a measure of how much the price of a financial asset varies over time. These data are very useful to traders as part of the analysis the fundamental of Bitcoin.

Visit for more info.

Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index

Bitcoin purchasing power index

The bitcoin purchasing power index (bitcoinppi) shows you how many products you can buy with one bitcoin. This is helpful when you want to know the everyday worth of bitcoin. It is owned by Bitbond, a leading lending website. They also have API that is free to use.

Visit for more info on this website.



And the last but not the least on our list is WinkDex. WinkDex or Winklevoss Index is operated by Winklevoss Index, LLC. Owned by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss brothers who are the major Bitcoin backers and blockchain technology investors. The site’s official statement (taken from its site) stated it aims to aggregate analysis and presentation of global bitcoin pricing and currently uses data from the most active qualified U.S. dollar-denominated bitcoin exchanges. This Bitcoin-only index portal is a great tool for traders looking for live charts and market data on cryptocurrencies.

Visit for more info.

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