Just recently, the Paraguay cryptocurrency community had been taken by surprise when Rejala announced the proposal of a new crypto-bill. However, the cryptocurrency community has revealed that they are not too much excited about the latest announcement.

According to crypto fans and enthusiasts, they are not very much intrigued by the latest bill being proposed by Rejala at the Paraguay Parliament. Carlos Rejala had reportedly submitted the new bill at the parliament of Paraguay for consideration and approval.

The crypto-fans have stated that they are not surprised about the points made in the proposal by Carlos Rejala. To put it in simple words, the crypto-fans described that they were underwhelmed by the details presented in the bill.

The crypto-fans shared their disappointment around the bill through the Twitter platform. Carlos Rejala, the Paraguayan MP had first started talking about the draft when the El Salvadorian President proposed a bill from his end.

The bill proposed by the president of El Salvador was back in early June, which was to make Bitcoin (BTC) a legal tender in the country. It was that time when Carlos Rejala had started talking about the draft he was preparing around Bitcoin.

Rejala talked about it through his Twitter profile, creating a lot of anticipation among cryptocurrency fans and enthusiasts. After the initial announcement, the minority Hagamos Party’s MP updated his Twitter profile picture.

Rejala had updated his profile picture that had laser emitting out of his eyes, hinting that he was going pro-Bitcoin. Furthermore, Rejala had promised all of his followers and the people of Paraguay that they were going to get a surprise.

He even started adding the “#bitcoin” hashtag wherever he found the opportunity to add it. Later on, he tweeted that the details around the new bill were going to be released in the running week. This ended up creating a lot of anticipation around the new bill that had been proposed by Carlos Rejala at the Paraguay Parliament.

However, as the bill got leaked a few hours prior to its official release, the majority of the crypto-fans were not too much pleased with it. For them, it was not something new that they had witnessed but something that was already being practiced in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

The majority of the cryptocurrency pundits have talked about the new bill that has been presented by Rejala. They claim that most of the legislation presented in the bill is in support of cryptocurrency mining activities. On the other hand, the bill does not provide any detailed or supportive information about Bitcoin.


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