One of the strong female believers of Bitcoin, Cynthia Lummis, had recently been elected as the US Senator on Congress. She revealed that she wants to explain on priority basis to her colleague Senators about the significance of Bitcoin.

 On the ticket of US Congress, Cynthia Lummis had contested the elections for becoming a member on US Senate. Luckily she got elected as the Senator and became the first woman member of Senate to represent the State of Wyoming, USA. The interesting thing to note about the newly elected Senator was that she had been a strong believer of Bitcoin. She is also one of those who owns a few coins of Bitcoin.

Lummins had earlier been a member of House of Representatives for eight years. On Tuesday, she had been recording an interview with Fox News when the host posed a question about her priorities. She responded that her utmost priorities are to immediately start fixing the deficit as well as US’s debts.

Lummis added further that she also wants to apprise her colleague senators about the significance of Bitcoin. She explained that majority of US Senators are not acquainted with the worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They need to be made aware that Bitcoin is one of the most lucrative investment derivative.

Furthermore, she said that Bitcoin has the potential to diversify other assets owned by US citizens. This is so because economic inflations don’t adversely affect Bitcoin and alike instead their values increase with inflation, she told. So having a few Bitcoins in pockets now would ensure earning of profits at later stage, she opined.

Lummis had bought a few Bitcoin way back in the year 2013. Since then she had been holding onto them and waiting for the right time to dispose them off. She also strongly believes that the time will come when its price would be around US$ 100,000.

Meanwhile, prior to US Presidential Elections 2020 there was an awareness campaign started to apprise Congressmen about cryptocurrencies. The campaign was named “Crypto for Congress” and under the campaign every Congressmen was given US$ 50 worth of Bitcoins.


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