When performing online trades, one of the most common strategies is the one where investors went for the purchase of the dips. This means to go ahead and purchase a particular asset or security when it is experiencing a bearish nature or a price dip.

This way, one can make a lot of profits by investing their money in the particular assets at the right time. This is something that has been happening for a really long time and people tend to make many profits from this strategy.

However, when someone is going for the purchase of a price dip, it is very important for the asset to be trustworthy and reliable. One needs to have the assurance that the investment asset is highly reliable, trustworthy, and has the potential to make a comeback after a certain period.

This is exactly what Bitcoin (BTC) offers and many people have shown great interest in investing in digital currency. However, no one would have ever heard people from the government taking too much interest in investing in cryptocurrencies.

Just recently, it was Cynthia Lummis who has expressed her likeness towards the cryptocurrency industry. She is the United States Senator from Wyoming and she has expressed show she has benefitted from the current price dip of Bitcoin.

Just recently, Lummis revealed that she took full advantage of the recent price dip of Bitcoin that it experienced last week. In the last week, the price of Bitcoin even ended up experiencing a price dip of below the $30k mark.

Lummis revealed that she took full advantage of it and has added Bitcoin to her holdings. Now she is going to wait for the right time and capitalize on it by selling it when the situation is favorable.

During an interview at Fox News on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, Lummis shared her excitement for being able to make an investment in Bitcoin. She was extremely excited that she was able to buy the dip and may end up acquiring more Bitcoin.

She has stated that she is hoping that the price of Bitcoin drops even further so she is able to invest even more in Bitcoin. She wants to get her hands on as much Bitcoin as possible during the bearish run of the digital asset.

Lummis stated that so far, she has felt like she is investing in one of her most favorite stocks, which is the United Rentals. She stated that she bought United Rentals’ stocks when their price experienced a tremendous drop. Later on, their prices picked up and she ended up making a huge fortune out of them.

Lummis explained that the reason she is investing in Bitcoin is the fundamentals of this digital asset are almost identical to that of United Rentals.



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