As per the recent reports, the digital asset exchange known as Dacxi has partnered with CyptoUK. CryptoUK is known as a prominent self-regulated trading association that operates in the cryptocurrency industry of the United Kingdom.

It has been confirmed by CryptoUK that the digital asset exchange ‘Dacxi’ will be becoming an executive member. The announcement was made by the CryptoUK firm on January 14, 2021, confirming that Dacxi has joined CryptoUK as the 8th executive member of the group.

Apart from the Dacxi exchange, the other seven cryptocurrency exchanges in the group are very prominent and known across the world. The names of the other seven exchanges include Coinbase, Electroneum, Ripple, Binance.UK, Simmons & Simmons, and CryptoCompare.

Being the members of the group alongside CryptoUK, the responsibility of the firms is to collaborate and come up with new ideas in the crypto-space. Their responsibility is to introduce new ways and lead the strategic direction of the cryptocurrency industry.

These exchanges are also responsible for creating a bridge between the cryptocurrency industry and the regulatory authorities. Their role is to constantly work with policymakers from the government and create an environment that is safe and essential for both the crypto-industry and regulators.

Furthermore, the responsibility of the members is to collaborate with the regulators in the United Kingdom and develop a logical/favorable cryptocurrency regulatory framework.

The managing director of the UK arm of the Dacxi exchange, Katharine Wooller also commented on the company’s recent collaboration. She stated that the recent collaboration between the Dacxi exchange and CryptoUK means that it has achieved a new milestone.

She stated that this goes onto prove that the Dacxi exchange has managed to gain high importance in the cryptocurrency industry. Over the course of time, the exchange has gained so much success and popularity, that it has been selected by CryptoUK to be its member.

Dacxi exchange has always been about the welfare of its users and is always aiming to remain regulated by fully adhering to the regulatory policies. As CryptoUK has inducted Dacxi as the 8th executive member, it proves that the company is on the right track.

Alongside the rest of the executive members, the exchange will provide full contribution and support to ensure the regulatory framework is made stronger. The firm will also make sure that it does whatever it can to introduce new technologies and advancements in the cryptocurrency industry.

As far as CryptoUK is concerned, the group has been gaining members by the day as it keeps growing due to mass crypto-adoption in the country. As of now, CryptoUK has a total of 50 members added to the group.

Dacxi is the latest executive member at CryptoUK, and the recent members before the Dacxi exchange are Binance.UK and Electroneum.


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