Daily Cryptocurrency News Roundup 13th Nov, 2017

Cryptocurrency news with insights

Daily Cryptocurrency News Roundup 13th Nov, 2017

Welcome to the Daily Cryptocurrency News Roundup 13th Nov, 2017 edition.

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#1 The Cointelegraph – Bitcoin Continues Usage Acceptance Especially in Australia

  • Bitcoin has sustained its growing acceptance as a ‘complementary’ currency to the official monetary systems around the world as of mid-November 2017. In Australia, for example, an increasing number of Bitcoin automated teller machines (ATM) are being installed around the country due to its continuous popularity as an online currency.


#2 Coindesk – Dutch Regulator: ICO Environment Is a ‘Dangerous Cocktail’

  • The Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) – the country’s equivalent to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – published a statement today outlining the risks it sees in the market for new cryptocurrencies, including those issued through the blockchain funding model.

    Merel van Vroonhoven, chairman of the AFM, said in a statement:

    “Although the AFM sees the possibilities of blockchain technology for financial services, it points to the high risks of ICOs in the current hype. The high risk of scams and loss of intake combined with the hype around ICOs at the moment is a dangerous cocktail.”


#3 TheMerkle – One Zcash Mining Pool Controls Over 51% of the Network Hashrate

  • Flypool is over twice as large as F2Pool as far as the ZEC hashrate is concerned. In this regard, Flypool could easily perform a 51% attack against the network if it were ever inclined to do so.


#4 BitcoinExchangeGuide – Bitcoin Core Update Version Released – New Changes?

  • Less than two months since releasing version 0.15.0, the developers of Bitcoin Core have released a minor update to the client,
  • Bitcoin core 0.15.0 included features such as better fee estimate, a graphical interface to request replace-by-fee, support for multiple wallets per installation, faster block validation and various other bug fixes and optimizations.
  • The latest minor update,, changes the way the client deals with peer connections and invalid blocks to safeguard against future blockchain forks and misbehaving peers. A minor bug which caused the GUI client to crash for some users after upgrading to 0.15.0 has also been fixed in the latest patch.


#5 NEWSBTC – Singapore Mining Rig Manufacturer Reports Massive Surge in Sales

  • A small mining rig manufacturer in Singapore has reported a huge surge in sales in recent months. Dexter Ng of estimates that the company has gone from selling around 15 rigs each month in July to now selling over 100.


#6 – Bitcoin Cash Network Completes a Successful Hard Fork

  • At approximately 4 pm EDT at block height 504031, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network successfully hard forked. The fork is a change to the decentralized currency’s consensus rules and aims to upgrade the network’s Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA).
  • The new BCH consensus change hopes to adjust the difficulty to hashrate to target a mean block interval of 600 seconds. Alongside this, the DAA aims to make sudden difficulty drops and spikes avoidable.


#7 – Craig Wright Pushes For 1GB Blocks to Attain Visa-Level Bitcoin Scaling

  • Craig Wright, the man who famously claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is back in the news again. This time he’s weighed into the bitcoin scaling debate, which is becoming increasingly politicized. In a post entitled “Scaling Bitcoin and what some will do to stop this”, he refutes sceptics who believe that bitcoin can’t scale to handle 20,000 transactions a second.


#8 BitcoinExchangeGuide – Habibi Coin – Cryptifi’s Middle East Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Token?

  • “Habibi Coin will aim at providing investors with a way to invest in adherence to their Muslim faith, by avoiding the payment of interest,” an initial press release for Habibi Coin explains.
  • “Habibi Coins will cater to investors in the cryptocurrency sector whilst enabling them to avoid the payment of interest and risks when buying a property.”


#9 The Cointelegraph – CME’s Bitcoin Futures Market Could Give Teeth to Bitcoin Bears

  • One of the reasons that long-only investors have succeeded in the Bitcoin market is that there is no effective way to short large amounts of Bitcoin. All that could change in a month’s time if CME launches its Bitcoin futures.
  • While technically one can short Bitcoin today through margin trading at existing exchanges, the liquidity and volumes at these exchanges are not sufficient for large investors. Exchanges such as Bitfinex allow users to borrow digital tokens and sell them, subject to other users agreeing to lend the assets to the margin trader.


#10 BitcoinExchangeGuide – Bitcoin Gold BTG Exchange Launches – Rocky Start, What’s Next?

  • The key difference between Bitcoin and BTG is that BTG has implemented the Equihash Proof-of-work algorithm instead of SHA256, allowing anyone with a GPU to mine BTG without requiring specialized hardware. BTC also included a difficulty re-adjustment algorithm named ‘DigiShield’ which adjusts the mining difficulty every time a block is found, as opposed to once every two weeks in the case of Bitcoin.


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