Daily Cryptocurrency News Roundup 15th Nov, 2017

Cryptocurrency news with insights


#1 NewsBTC – Alt coin IOTA rally, gains $0.18

  • It’s obvious that bullish momentum is strong but buying IOTA now is buying at peaks.


#2 Bitcoinist – Coinvest announces ICO

  • Coinvest, a new decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency stock exchange, aims to fully decentralize the process of investing in cryptocurrencies and announces their ICO beginning December 11th, 2017.


#3 The Cointelegraph – Lightning Network, Explained

  • With a network of payment channels a huge chunk of transactions can be off-loaded from the Blockchain to be carried out off the chain. This frees up the chain’s bandwidth. Hence, millions of transactions can happen, and that too without a hefty transaction fee.


#4 TheMerkle – What Is Bitcoin Cash Plus?

  • Bitcoin Cash Plus is scheduled to launch in January of 2018. Bitcoin Cash Plus will be provided to Bitcoin holders through an airdrop, which is scheduled to take place once network block 501,407 is discovered on the network.


#5 The Cointelegraph – Siri for Crypto

  • A new era of computing has dawned with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables the automation of functions that previously only a human could do.

    One such project is TeleX AI, who want to use a chatbot to make the entire investing and trading process much easier. The TeleX AI is a wallet and chatbot in one.


#6 TheMerkle – Parity Multisig Bug Shows Non-Owners of Smart Contracts Can Execute Kill Function

  • Ethereum community received a nasty surprise when the latest Parity multisignature hack was exposed. Someone successfully froze millions of dollars worth of Ether with a smart contract exploit. So far, this matter has not been resolved, and there is evidence of this having been a malicious attack first and foremost. It’s an interesting train of thought advanced by the ARToken team.


#7 BitcoinExchangeGuide – Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Praising Bitcoin Cash BCH As Legit Altcoin

  • Vitalik Buterin affirmed, in his tweet that:

    “1. I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name. I consider bitcoin’s *failure* to raise block sizes to keep fees reasonable to be a large (non-consensual) change to the “original plan”, morally tantamount to a hard fork.

    2. Theymos’s censorship.”

    Buterin also talks about Theymos and how censorship can be a huge problem for Bitcoin. There is much power concentrated in a single person and can be used to spread “false information”. Solving this issues can be very important in the near future.


#8 FinanceMagnates – Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Secures KPMG LLP as Latest Member

  • The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA), a non-profit distributed ledger technology trade association, has secured a new member, adding New York-based KPMG LLP as the latest entrant to its organization.


#9 The Cointelegraph – Buyer Beware: Cryptocurrency ‘Pump and Dump’ Schemes Coordinated In Telegram

  • According to Business Insider, a number of channels within Telegram are designed specifically for just this sort of market manipulation. With names like PumpKing Community, Crypto4Pumps and We Pump, these communities provide a venue for scammers to attract participants who then help the price move..


#10 The Cointelegraph – Ukrainian Top Lawmaker Wants to Exempt Crypto Income and Profits from Taxation

  • Based on the note attached to the bill, the tax exemption on virtual currencies is aimed at creating an effective mechanism to stimulate the market of digital currencies in the country.

    “In order to create an effective mechanism for stimulating the market of cryptocurrency in Ukraine, the logical step is the exemption from taxation of profits of enterprises…Income from cryptocurrency operations should not be included in the calculation of the total monthly (annually) taxable income, and transactions with cryptocurrency and mining crypto goods are classified as transactions that are not subject to taxation.”


Disclaimer: This is not “investment advice.”  Coin Frog does not bear any kind of liability. Moreover, always do your due diligence and form your own opinions. 

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