Barcelona will showcase their first-ever official non-fungible tokens later this month after they have struck the deal with Ethereum blockchain-based marketplace Ownix. FC Barcelona has decided to enter the crypto marketplace. The whole world has seen Barcelona debt troubles and how the football club is finding it difficult to perform its financial duties. In order to get rid of this financial issue, Fc Barcelona has decided to move to the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Fc Barcelona and Ownix both of them have decided to create digital tokens that will have club’s iconic movements on it. These iconic movements will include club images. Fans can buy these tokens.

Barcelona is facing the most critical situation of their history. Despite being the world’s most valuable football club, the club is suffering from serious financial issues, at the moment the club sits in mid table without any manager.

At this moment, the club’s decision to launch non-fungible tokens, which will have club’s iconic moments printed is not a surprising decision at all. The club’s president, Joan Laporta has told the media that this deal would strengthen the club financially by providing the club with extra stream of income. He also said that this extra income will also club attract some big players to the club.

Barcelona has a worldwide fan base, that means the launch of club’s official NFT tokens will provide the club with a marketplace that has over 400 million followers. Club is exploring more ways to connect with the fans. The lunch of NFT tokens is a perfect strategy for club to connect to its supporters.

Showcasing club’s iconic movements by printing them on NFT tokens is a new strategy of the club to rebrand its name, said Joan Laporta. This rebranding approach would strengthen club’s name on every level.

On the other hands financial experts and La Liga experts have praised the decision and labelled it as timely step to save the club’s identity. The fact of the matter is that Barcelona is not the only club that decided to enter the crypto marketplace. Before Barcelona, Italian S Serie A side Roma struck a bold deal with Zytara Labs to market collectibles on platform DigitalBits by showing it on club’s shirt this season.

On the other hand, Barcelona’s rival club Real Madrid has also joined hands with Fantastic SWAP to provide the fans with trading cards and moments. Another famous club that joined the crypto marketplace is the French Football club Paris Saint-Germain F.C (PSG). It seems that football clubs have realized that this is the perfect time for them to enter the crypto market in order to earn an extra stream of income.


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