digBITex Review

With technology and the internet, the financial markets and their many opportunities are right at your fingertips. Wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of these? Indeed, many people are making high profits and returns and you can do the same. But, first, you have to find a broker because they provide you with the platform and everything else that’s necessary. It doesn’t sound too hard because Google gives you everything, but there is some challenge involved. You cannot just take a company’s word for what they offer; it is essential to follow up to avoid disappointment and that’s the point of this digBITex review.

You will come across the name of digBITex when you start looking for a dependable and professional trading solution, which is a forex and CFD broker that has moved up quickly, as opposed to other companies in the space. This has drawn a lot of attention, but you do need to look for yourself before you sign up. Asking some important questions about the broker can be extremely insightful. You will find answers to these in the review here:

What instruments can you trade on digBITex?

Amongst the many questions you want to ask, the first one should be about the trading instruments available. If these are not what you want or prefer, there would be no point in asking anything else. The answer to this question will prompt you to sign up with digBITex straight away because they offer a multitude of instruments that belong to different financial markets in the world.

You will find a horde of currency pairs in the forex market, digital currencies in the crypto market, indices, shares, precious metals and energy commodities, treasures and bonds and ETFs available. This ensures that anyone opting for digBITex will be able to diversify their portfolios, which can reduce the risks significantly and give high returns.

Is there any security?

The next most important question should be about a broker’s security because cyberattacks are on the rise and you don’t want to be left vulnerable. Since it wants to provide peace of mind to its clients, a number of security measures have been used at digBITex for creating a secure trading environment. They have a Privacy Policy and use high-end encryption technologies for keeping all personal and confidential data away from prying eyes.

To protect the funds entrusted to them, segregated accounts are maintained at digBITex and the money is only used for trading and not for other activities. Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies are also applicable, which verify each account through proof of identity and residence, thereby eliminating fraudulent accounts and minimizing the risk of financial fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

What is the registration criteria?

Some brokerages cater to specific category of traders or countries, so you need to know the registration criteria before moving forward. You will find no restrictions at digBITex because they welcome traders all over the globe and from all walks of life. Registering on the platform only involves filling out a form that you can find on their website and it doesn’t take more than five minutes. Once you register, you can check the account types they have put together, which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium and VIP. This leaves you plenty of room to choose a suitable account for trading.

Is there any support available?

Customer support can make or break your trading experience, so it is not something you should compromise on. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that on digBITex because they have added a ton of channels for assisting their clients. Use their FAQ section to find answers, or get in touch with their support team through phone, email, live chat or by scheduling a callback.

Final Word

The answers to these essential questions indicate that digBITex has addressed all important areas of trading to offer an optimal trading experience to their clients.


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