Just recently, Francis Suarez, who is the mayor of Miami has made a bold statement around the mining of Bitcoin (BTC) all over the world. He stated that majority of the Bitcoin (BTC) mining is being carried out internationally and not in the United States.

He further claimed that out of the international mining for Bitcoin (BTC), majority of it is being carried out through dirty energy.

Suarez also shared his concerns about the environmental harm that the mining of Bitcoin (BTC) is implicating all over the world. He shared his concerns about Bitcoin (BTC) mining via an unconfirmed podcast. However, it has been confirmed that the journalist that conducted the interview was Laura Shin who is a prominent cryptocurrency journalist.

During the interview, Suarez stated that the United States needs to focus more on the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The regulatory authorities in the United States have made such a long delay in the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

At present, China is taking the lead when it comes to mining Bitcoin (BTC). China is reportedly mining around 34% of the total Bitcoin (BTC) that is being mined worldwide. If the United States would have decided to do adopt Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, it would be the USA mining more Bitcoin (BTC) than any other.

He stated that it is still not late for the country to make the right decisions and make the right calls in the crypto-mining sector. He added that the United States must mine more Bitcoin (BTC) with aims to achieve its goals for national security.

The Miami mayor pointed that at present, the biggest problem for the United States is that its Bitcoin mining is very small. He stated that more than 90% of the Bitcoin (BTC) mining is done outside of the United States. He added that majority of the countries that are mining 90% of Bitcoin (BTC) are using dirty energy.

Based on the above argument, he stated that the process of Bitcoin (BTC) mining is considered to be a dirty activity.

He stated that the United States can still improve the situation and take over the Bitcoin (BTC) mining sector if it dedicates its resources to the sector accordingly.

He added that the country has all the resources for supplying renewable energy supplies for the mining of Bitcoin (BTC). These energy sources are capable of generating enough power that they can fully power the data as well as mining centers for Bitcoin (BTC).

He stated that the United States is capable of producing nuclear energy that is unlimited and is also clean energy. He stated that Miami city is aiming to become the first major Bitcoin (BTC) mining hub in the country by using clean and unlimited energy.


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