DISTX Continues To Dominate The Crypto World

Soon after managing to dispose off their tokens in less than 57 seconds in the month of August this year, DistX continues to dominate the crypto world. Due to this phenomenal sale of their tokens, DistX continues to make headlines which is helping it out gaining more popular amongst the crypto investors and owners who are expanding in numbers rampantly.

The hype which attracted a huge number of crypto investors to turn their attention towards DistX was due to its unique offering with regard to their tokenomics as a result of which the token holders of DistX are able to have interesting rewards.

Once again DistX has come into the limelight when it had recently announced that it is up for launching a decentralized token sale platform very soon consisting of some of the distinct and diverse smart features which were not yet available to its customers. It is said that the proposed platform will be capable of allowing its users to explore and go through future token sales, assess smart contracts, as well as the token holder of DistX, will have the liberty to participate directly from the website of DistX.

Giving a brief about its reward system, the spokesperson of DistX stated that the top 200 token holders of DistX have been handpicked and placed in the recipient list for each sale of token duly executed from the platform of DistX. DistX will then be sharing 2% of every single sale of the tokens. This will enable the top 200 token holders of DistX in continue to receive a fair amount of share free of cost in new tokens from the newly launched projects which means that the more the sales, the better the rewards.

According to experts in the field of crypto, they are of the view that DistX’s initiatives are helping it to take a lead against its competitors while on the other hand, its token holders are having an advantageous position over others.

The proposed decentralized token sale platform is expected to be made available to decentralized DistX’s token holders within this month.



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