Electroneum-Backed Crypto-Freelancing Platform Pays Instantly Without Charging Any Fees

AnyTask is an online freelancing platform that provides individuals the opportunity to work on projects by interacting with clients from different countries. This platform has been powered by Electroneum, which is a cryptocurrency-blockchain based project.

In February 2020, the project underwent a soft launch and received a lot of positive feedback from the online users as well as the crypto-community. They added that the platform has been launched to accommodate and facilitate the freelancers in any way possible. Several freelancers also commented that AnyTask has impacted their lives in a positive way.

While announcing the all-out launch of the platform, AnyTask team also commented on the limitations of other major freelancing platforms. They added that platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.com require freelancers to have a bank account in order to perform tasks and withdraw their earnings.

Due to this, majority of the freelancers are unable to join these platforms and thus, unable to make a living. Even if they have bank accounts, they end up paying hefty amounts in the form of task completion fees and processing fees. Some of these platforms actually charge the freelancers around 20% of their earnings.

For freelancers who use PayPal, the situation becomes really punishing because on one hand they have to pay the platform. And on the other hand, they have to pay a handsome amount of fee whenever they have to make a withdrawal through PayPal.

Another huge blow to the freelancers is that they are required to wait for two weeks before their money is released and sent to their respective accounts. This again causes a tremendous amount of mental stress on the freelancers as they fear of losing their earnings.

AnyTask has been introduced to change this concept forever. They claim that the freelancer gets paid as soon as the client validates the task as completed. The freelancer is charged no fee from AnyTask and the money gets transferred to the freelancer’s profile in a matter of minutes after the client’s approval.

AnyTask has confirmed that for now, the freelancers are paid in ETN, which is a cryptocurrency used for making electricity bill payments and buy mobile top-ups. The ETN token at present is accepted at more than 2,000 merchants across the globe and the number is expected to grow significantly.



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