When it comes to the growth of the cryptocurrency exchanges, eToro is a brokerage that has gained a lot of growth and investments in the year 2020. eToro is an all-in-one online trading brokerage that offers solutions for several online trading instruments and cryptocurrencies are one of them.

Similar to all other cryptocurrency exchanges and online trading brokerages, eToro has also reported that it has experienced enormous growth in 2020. The CEO and co-founder of eToro, Yoni Assia also talked about the growth that eToro has experienced since its launch.

Assia stated that although their firm had been gaining a lot of growth since it launched, the year 2020 has turned out to be the best with respect to the growth of the firm.

He stated that their firm has experienced 147% growth according to their year-over-year performance statistics. He added that the main reason behind the growth of their company the bullish nature of cryptocurrencies.

As cryptocurrencies are flying high in general, more and more investors are flocking to any cryptocurrency they see growing in number. In the year 2020 as well as the running year, social media has been filled with discussions around cryptocurrencies and new assets being introduced every day.

Assia stated that since 2009, the cryptocurrency was amassing its potential and real momentum. The year 2020 proved to be the point where the cryptocurrency industry was going to show its true nature. This is exactly what the cryptocurrency industry has done and it is now hitting all-time highs.

Assia mentioned that prior to 2020, they had thought that the point where the crypto-industry was going to unleash itself was back in 2017. However, things did not turn out to be the way they had been perceived back in 2017, but 2020 proved its significance for cryptocurrencies.

eToro has always been after providing its investors and clients with the most profitable and reliable investment options. Although the entire cryptocurrency industry is booming at the moment, the most demanded and valuable asset is Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) has been gaining constant momentum and despite experiencing downtime in 2017, it has managed to pick up the pace with respect to price, valuation, and adoption rate in late 2020.

This is the reason why eToro has decided to take its relation with Bitcoin (BTC) to the next level. It was back on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, when eToro announced that it was considering going public. The firm had revealed that it was planning to enlist itself through SPAC on the Nasdaq exchange. SPAC is known as a special purpose acquisition company.

Following the initial announcement of going public, eToro has confirmed that it will be enlisting itself onto the Nasdaq Stock Exchange by the end of April 2021.


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